TransferWise links with Apple Pay globally

“Financial technology startup TransferWise will allow users around the world to send money internationally through its service using Apple Pay, in a bid to make transfers easier and more secure,” Anna Irrera reports for Reuters.

“The London-based money transfer company said on Thursday that it was joining with Apple Inc’s payments service in the U.S. and a handful of other countries, following a similar move in the UK in 2015,” Irrera reports. “This means users on Apple devices will no longer have to insert their payments card or bank account details to send money via TransferWise, but will be able to transfer funds through their Apple Pay account, speeding up the process.”

“The company says Apple Pay usage on TransferWise in the UK has been encouraging. Over 10 percent of all TransferWise transactions to and from British Pounds carried out on Apple IOS devices are funded via Apple Pay, the company said,” Irrera reports. “The other countries in which the integration is being rolled out are Australia, Switzerland, France, Spain, Ireland, [and] Italy.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple Pay continues to grom inexorably. Lately, we’ve found ourselves using Apple Pay pretty much everywhere in the U.S. that has it; better signage at the register would increase its usage even more.


    1. That’s not a particularly detailed assessment. Perhaps you could explain what doesn’t work for you?

      My experience is that Apple Pay works very well indeed and I use it multiple times every day in a variety of businesses.

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