Hands-on video demos 20+ new features in Apple’s iOS 11 beta 4

9to5Mac has a new video (below) that demos all the new features found in Apple’s latest iOD developer release, iOS 11, beta 4.

The new release brings several noticeable changes and improvements, including Contacts, Reminders, and Notes icons, new splash screens for apps including Notes and Photos, and Swipe gestures on Lock screen Notifications (View/Clear/Open).

In addition, App Switcher now will not launch when all apps closed and it also auto-closes when all apps are cleared.

MacDailyNews Take: This iOS 11 beta is by far the most stable so far! (But, remember, it’s still a beta!)


  1. And yeah, the 11 public beta was a NIGHTMARE for me — sort of ok on the iPad Pro, but such a crashing mess on my iPhone 7 Plus. It would constantly crash and not even let me force a restart with any key combination — just died with its eyes open for 10 minutes. Finally was able to downgrade back after wiping my iPhone completely. Waiting for GM on this one…

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