iOS 11: How to turn on Type to Siri

“Type to Siri is a handy new feature that allows you to continue using the virtual assistant in situations where you can’t talk or need to be more discreet,” Michael Potuck writes for 9to5Mac.

“Turning on Type to Siri is easy enough, although the setting probably isn’t in the place you’d guess,” Potuck writes. “Instead of being under Siri & Search, you’ll find this feature under Accessibility.”

“Keep in mind when Type to Siri is turned on, pressing and holding the Home button will invoke Siri with the keyboard displayed instead of listening for dictation,” Potuck writes. “A good way to have the convenience of both typing and talking to Siri is to make sure Hey Siri is turned on for easy voice commands while being able to use Type to Siri for more discreet interactions.”

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MacDailyNews Take: While we wish we’d all had this several iOS versions ago, we’ll take it, finally!


  1. I will definitely be using this with my iPad Pro 2 (12.9″). Since Apple stupidly decided not to release new back-side cases, I just jammed it into my 1st gen iPad Pro case, and now the case covers the new spot for the microphone.

  2. Since all Siri does is look things up on search engines, what’s the point of this?

    The (arguably) utility of Siri is as a speech-to-text tool. If you’re just typing your search, why not eliminate the middleware and just type it into your web browser?

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