How to clear the cache on your iPhone or iPad for more space and speed

“The iPhone and iPad are user-friendly devices, but iOS still gets clogged up over time with unwanted files and memory hogs,” Lucy Hattersley writes for Macworld UK. “This can slow your device down.”

“Giving your Apple device a spring clean and removing unwanted files will improve its performance, especially if it is an older model,” Hattersley writes. “But clearing out the memory also helps you get more out of iOS by enabling you to focus on the things you do need and use.”

“Apple iOS devices may not need the same level of maintenance as macOS (or, heaven forbid, Windows), but they still need some attention to run at optimum speed,” Hattersley writes. “”

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MacDailyNews Take: Which reminds us: It’s time to go through our iPhones (and iPads) and remove the unused apps that have piled up since our last app purge (Christmas vacation)!


  1. I find clearing RAM is a good way to increase performance. Hold down power button until “slide to power off” screen pops up. Release power button. Press and hold home button until you’re back on your home screen. Once you’re back to your home screen, you know you’ve cleared your RAM. Works on every iOS device.

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