Apple’s iPad Pro is now a true photographer’s tool

“When Apple released the first 12.9-inch iPad Pro, I wondered if it was finally an iPad that photographers could embrace without also getting an armful of tradeoffs,” Jeff Carlson writes for Macworld. “The answer was: almost.”

“Now, the iPad Pro has finally reached a tipping point for photographers,” Carlson writes. “The improved hardware in the just-released iPad Pro models, plus software improvements in iOS 10 and the upcoming iOS 11, make the iPad Pro (mostly) fullfill the potential of the iPad as a true photographer’s companion.”

“The 2017 iPad Pro models each include 4GB of RAM, which gives them plenty of working space. Storage is also much better,” Carlson writes. “All of this isn’t to say that the iPad Pro can completely supplant a Mac for most photographers. One of my ongoing irritations is moving photos from the iPad Pro and back to my Mac, where my full photo library lives.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As the tools keep improving (hardware, iOS, and apps), the areas where iPad can supplant Macs continue to proliferate.


  1. Getting real close… but we still need robust and full fledged application (photoshop level ) , not just snippets of apps in order to fully replace the macs..
    PS….and more conveniant I/O

      1. Good but has limitations .. imo.. starting with layers..
        Plus im already used to photoshop… if they bring that to ipad according to GeoX.. it will be fantastic.
        Plus would love to see FCx… After fx.. full 3d modeling/animation like Max or Lightwave or a like …. . etc…

        Its getting there !!1. real close.. ios 11 is going to be the Bomb ! Cant wait.

        1. I get that Photoshop has an edge over Pixelmator in some important areas for advanced media and publishing. But my point was that Pixelmator is already a full fledged app and not some watered down version.

          1. P.S.
            To clarify the comment i made above re layers in Pixelmator…. Large images limit the number of layers that can be used…..
            I hope they can solve this issue…

      1. I just bought it per your recomendation… Very impressive… so far.. … Thank you.👊

        This is getting real exciting folks..
        If developers realize that we are willing to pay for the real deal and start porting these roubust applications to iPad… man ill be in heaven … 🤞🤞🙏🙏👍👍😀

        PS.. i hope the new ios 11 files app also allows access ro external drives… not just cloud services .. and local storage!? this im a bit confused about.. its not clear in Apples description.

        1. Also, if developers realize that paying month after month for software we use only occasionally is NOT our favorite way to pay. If I didn’t have access to the Adobe lineup of apps through my work, I’d be looking at something like Affinity Photo for sure!

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