Apple UK invites website visitors to contribute to victims of London’s Grenfell Tower fire

“As it often does after a disaster, Apple is inviting website visitors to contribute to a fundraising appeal – this time for victims of the Grenfell Tower fire in London in which 79 people are either confirmed or presumed to have lost their lives,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac.

“The 24-floor residential tower block, devoted to social housing, caught fire overnight on 14th June after a fridge-freezer burst into flames,” Lovejoy reports. “Design features that should ensure a fire is contained within a single apartment for 60 minutes somehow failed, and the fire spread, aided by flammable cladding on the exterior of the building.”

Lovejoy reports, “The prominent link opens in iTunes, where you can listen to a charity single intended to raise money for survivors and families of those lost in the fire.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: The song is “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and features the likes of Roger Daltry, James Blunt, Robbie Williams, and many others.


        1. that is your prerogative, you might also consider contributing to your brothers in Antifa, they need your help too, George Soros’s finances just don’t seem to be enough against truth.

          1. Perhaps Mr. Soros could redirect the $250 million he has invested in Jared Kushner. All that money and no results!

            My guess is that Mr. Kushner rejects your theory that homeless children only deserve charity if they belong to your sect.

            Of course, so would any other decent human being. Which explains a lot—Mr. Trump’s supporters are apparently aliens of the green, rather than brown, variety.

            1. Jared Kushner is not the President of the United States, as manifested in the anti-Kushner decision of our president to shitcan the Paris Accord Fraud. I think I mentioned that to you once before.

              “Nobody owns Donald Trump.” – Donald J. Trump

    1. What a spiteful little child you are, botvinnick. For your information, fuckwit, the Muslim community were forefront in providing aid and succor to the victims in the immediate aftermath and ongoing, which is a damn sight more than either the government or the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea did for those people.

      Also for your information (and for the benefit of someone whose IQ clearly has difficulty struggling into double figures) you apparently are unaware of the complete and universal outrage felt nationally at what was an entirely preventable tragedy. People of all faiths, colours and creeds lost their lives in a monument to the gross incompetence and venality of our current political masters. For you to single out one particular group because of your narrow-minded right-wing hypocrisy is proof positive that you don’t deserve the appellation “human being”. Now, and with the greatest of disrespect, go take a long walk off a short pier.

      This commentator expresses the mood of the nation far better than I can:


      1. call me old-fashioned, but I do not support a barbaric ideology that blasts nails and screws into the eyes of innocent young girls attending a rock concert.

        PS: fück you.

            1. The keywords are definitely in the article:

              1. Muslims

              2. Riot

              Tell you what botvinnik I’d absolutely kill you in poker, you’re one of those dudes who shows their tell when they see an Ace in their hand.

              Shallow and weak is your credo and I pity you.

        1. When the UK was being bombed on a regular basis by the IRA, we didn’t call for a ban on Catholics. Equating the actions of a tiny handful of deluded fanatics with the actions of an entire religion is utterly stupid.

          It doesn’t surprise me that weak-minded fools like yourself derive their opinions from mainstream media rather than any practical exposure to the actualité. Blind, dumb and ignorant is no way to go through life, sonny.


            1. “Islam in a man is more dangerous than hydrophobia in a dog.”

              “An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile in the hopes he will be eaten last.”

              both Churchill, you illiterate puke.

            2. Churchill said many thing I disagree with, including the quotes you referenced. He happened to be, for better or worse, the right man in the right place at the right time.

              He also did many things I have serious issue with: Dresden and Nuremburg being just two examples. None of which alters the fact that the quote I cited describes you to a tee.

              Debating with an intellectual pygmy such as yourself is like fitting roller skates to a courgette: time-consuming and completely pointless.

              Give it up, son: you simply don’t have the intellectual muscle.

              I’m here all week—don’t forget to tip your waitress!


        2. Straw man much? Terrorists come from all religions and nations.

          Moreover, your sudden display of false sympathy does not change the fact that western citizens are safer than they have ever been, thanks to diplomatic efforts and multilateral alliances. The west has not only kept its citizens safe against all reasonably defensible threats, they are slowly laying waste to the organized terrorist networks. The kill ratio is dramatically in favor of your side, so you don’t have to advocate genocide against all muslims to feel safe.

          The paranoia botty shows over and over proves that terrorist tactics work — if you’re willing to abandon principles and alliances, or bankrupt yourself for the illusion of security, you have lost. Still botty cheers Trump’s shortsighted push to turn the usa into an authoritarian state.

          1. “The paranoia botty shows over and over proves that terrorist tactics work — if you’re willing to abandon principles and alliances, or bankrupt yourself for the illusion of security, you have lost. Still botty cheers Trump’s shortsighted push to turn the usa into an authoritarian state.”

            Very well said. Kudos!

      2. Chas,

        Sadly, America seems to have a lot of roaches crawling out of the woodwork right now. Just today on this site, we have not only found a call to let homeless orphans starve because of their religion, but the assertion that Tim Cook should be removed as Apple’s CEO because of his sexual orientation.

        One of the great things about America is the First Amendment. In most of the world, engaging in hate speech that could be construed as provoking violence would get the speaker arrested… or at least banned from online forums. In America, it can get you elected to public office.

    2. Am I actually going to agree with Botvinnik for once? The Arab slave trade was every bit is bad, if not worse than the European Trans-Atlantic slave trade which brought many Africans to America. The fact that many people support Islam while forgetting their sordid history is a slap in the face to African Americans. To this day they still source out Africans to Dubai and Saudi Arabia to do unpaid labor on their stupid mega projects. I will never send even a penny to these slave holding terrorists.

        1. Apparently this apartment building was predominantly Arab and Muslim. That’s enough to trigger the right wing loonies on this site.

  1. It seems very coincidental that a ghetto apartment building full of Muslims burned to the ground in London after yet another Islamic terrorist attack occurred in London just prior.

    I’m having difficulty buying the explanation that the cause was a faulty refrigerator as cited by the “authorities.”

    1. What a sick individual you are.

      I note both you and the other clown on this site botvinnik are both ardent Trump supporters, so it stands to reason that you’ll be a pea-brained racist with no compassion or understanding of the world outside of your basement.

      1. I’m “sick” because I question authority and have trouble swallowing the official explanation when other possibilities are rather glaring? How so?

        There is nothing “racist” or lacking “compassion” in my post.

        1. I bet you were one those using freedom fries for sexual pleasure ovwe bush and wargasm back then and were quick to criticize those that, ahem, questioned authority.

          Now its your turn to ask for support and assert your right to question authority. Oh how the right is slow to see.

  2. Apparently, the British government mandated the cladding on the apartment building as insulation – too save the planet from anthropomorphic global warming. Unfortunately, the cladding was not fire resistant and all these people died. But cheer up, people, a polar bear was saved. I wonder how many more building as also at risk of conflagration and how may more polar bears will be saved?

    1. The panels used on Grenfell Tower were aluminium with a polyethylene core—cost £22 each. The fire-resistant version with a mineral core were £24. This saved a grand total of £5000 on an £8.5 million refurbishment budget. Some suggestions have been made that a), the cheaper panels were not what was originally specified and b), the use of the cheaper version might well have been illegal in buildings over 18m in height according to current building regulations.

      Already, urgent inspections of the 4000+ tower blocks in the UK have been ordered—and a number have already been identified as having these flammable panels.

      This is going to get very interesting…


      1. Instead of Apple UK just taking donations for the maimed and injured; and families of the dead, maybe Apple UK can take donations to remove and replace all the flammable cladding that remains on all the buildings in London. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  3. The fire was caused directly by government mandates done in the name of saving the planet from Global Warming. The moronic “cladding” on the building was done despite many protests that this would make the building prone to deadly fires, but the Leftist environmental morons rammed the changes through and now a lot of people are dead. Let the Leftist pay. Let the Environmental idiots pay. And in the meantime, take away driving, flying and all electronic appliance privileges from these self righteous wackos.

    1. Err, no! The changes were instigated by the Tory council anxious to “beautify” the building for the benefit of their rich residents who complained about the “eyesore” of social housing.

      Interesting facts: the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea is about the richest in the UK with a current cash surplus of about £274 million.

      The borough has one of the most diverse populations of any UK borough: rich gentry on one side, the lower echelons of society on the other—guess who gets priority?

      The electoral ward of Kensington has been Tory ever since it was created over a hundred years ago—until the recent election when it fell to Labour.

      I understand that outsiders find it difficult to understand the true impact of this tragedy, mired as it is in the peculiar subtleties of British society and politics, but I can assure you that this is generating a cataclysmic shift in both the social and political landscape here, the like of which I have never experienced in over fifty years, not can I find anything of equal impact (discounting WWII) commensurate with the current climate in the history of our isles within the last hundred years.

      Who would have though that a small fridge-freezer would have caused such a total upheaval? People died in horrific circumstances—it matters not their affiliations or religion: these were all people with as much right to go about their daily business as anyone else. I note with a sad sense of irony that this principle is enshrined in the Constitution, arguably the greatest document delineating the rights of the citizen since Magna Carta. Why therefore do certain commentators here feel the need to express opinions that abrogate those principles?


      1. Very well said. Sad that you are telling it to people that will ignore a child starving in an alley so they can stop a 16 .. no wait a 14 year, old from having an abortion. And pretend like they are Christians.

    2. More stupidity from an American wanker. The work was undertaken under the Tories or the right wing in your parlance, where deregulation including handing over parts of building inspection and safety certification was done by private companies or by self assessment.
      Get ready for some of the same when Trump has demolished ‘your’ public services in the name of cost cutting.
      So we can add your name to the Dumb and Dumber crowd.

  4. Just called Johnny Depp’s management company, CAA, and asked them if they agree with his threats regarding assassinating our president and if they think he should be fired: 424 288 2000…

    Depp just “apologized” per tweet. fuck him.

  5. MDN folks – Why do you put these articles up? What perverse pleasure do you get by allowing this sort of political savagery to appear in an Apple news site? Is your Right wing ideology so perverse that you enjoy seeing the type of cruel, lying and savage comments that ensue?

    I can only be so ashamed but every day there seems no limit. Have you no decency at last?

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