Video showdown: Apple’s Siri vs. Google Assistant

“With developers already busy dissecting every major and minor change in iOS 11, some folks have been putting the next-gen version of Siri through the [w]ringer and seeing how it stacks up against Google Assistant,” Yoni Heisler reports for BGR.

“The following video shows just how far Siri in iOS 11 has come,” Heisler reports. “In the first set of queries — which includes some basic questions about the weather and Donald Trump — we see that Siri responds much quicker than usual.”

“What’s more, Siri can handle contextual questions with ease, most notably when it is able to inform the user who Donald Trump’s wife is when asked ‘Who’s his wife?'” Heisler reports. ‘”Not only that, but you’ll also note that Siri provides much more information in its answer compared to Google Assistant.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: iOS 11’s Siri smokes Google’s Siri wannabe!


  1. Faster, more comprehensive, and more precise; when asked about “Amazon net worth”, Google gave Bezos’s net worth. In all fairness, the question was poorly worded, as it seemed that the person meant market cap (and those were the answers he was getting).

  2. I wonder if Siri has ‘continued’ context awareness. For example, the series: [Who is the President of the United States?; Who is he married to?; Who are their children?; Do they have any pets?] appears to be handled relatively well by Google Assistant.

  3. Of note, Google’s assistant voiced things like the weather, whereas Siri simply displayed info. This is the primary point I hear from Google supporters and Siri detractors. If you’ve got your phone in your pocket and are using a BT headset of some sort, Siri is less effective if you need to dig your phone out to “see” an answer to a query rather than Siri just speaking the answer. And you know what? I have to agree.

  4. This is an incomplete example. I found that exact same video right after the beta was released, and it got me excited that Siri might have finally been fixed. Then I saw this video:

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