The killer feature for Apple’s iPhone 8: AirPods

“Forget about iPhone 8’s edge-to-edge OLED display, 3D camera, IP68 waterproof rating, Touch ID built into the glass, [etcetera],” Mark Reschke writes for T-GAAP. “The killer feature for iPhone 8 will be AirPods that ship with the phone as a standard feature.”

“Apple’s current iPhone 7 Plus with dual-camera and 5.5″ display starts at $749. iPhone 8 is rumored to contain a 5.8″ display (though it will be a bit narrower than the iPhone 7 Plus), and is also likely to have a dual camera solution along with larger battery. If Apple charges more than $749 for a base iPhone 8, it seems there needs to be a huge value add for millions of non-upgrade cycle folks to make the jump,” Reschke writes. “Enter AirPods.”

“AirPods cost $159, thus if Apple were to charge $849 for a base iPhone 8, but ship the phone standard with AirPods, suddenly Apple will have injected iPhone 8 with massive value,” Reschke writes. “It would represent a better value to buy an iPhone 8 vs an iPhone 7 Plus and AirPods.”

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MacDailyNews Take: But, could Apple make enough AirPods? So far, the answer has been a resounding NO!


  1. I certainly wouldn’t through the AirPods up there with such high regard they’re far from perfect even with the chip they have issues connecting I see this regularly with mine. I don’t buy it for one minute that I’m the only person that has this issue it happens a lot. AirPods are far from perfect and not much better than any other manufacturers wireless earbuds the chip didn’t do squat

  2. I have my doubts that Apple would bundle in AirPods, unless this is some misguided anniversary product. I love my AirPods, but they are far too expensive to bundle in. I could see doing a discount if you bought the iPhone and AirPods together. That would be a great thing. It would also be very unlike Apple. They don’t give very good discounts on anything. Apple is notorious for selling high-margin products.

  3. I’m sorry but Apple headphones suck for sound quality.
    Far to much bass.
    As long as AirPods are just basically wireless EarPods, they just aren’t worth it.

  4. I absolutely do not want Airpods included as standard. I’ve tried them and they do not fit my ears. I also don’t want to be carrying around headphones that are that expensive when I’m travelling not because I’m worried about them falling out but because I’ve put headphones in my pocket and had them stolen and in my bag and they’ve fallen out. I’m perfectly happy with a cheap pair if I’m on a crowded train full of noise. I’m not bothered about blocking out all external sound either as I like to be able to be aware of my environment. I have nothing against airpods but they’re just not for me. Frankly I’d be happy to do without the charger, cable, and currently included buds for even a slight saving.

  5. MDN is right, AirPods production can’t keep up right now (unless they’ve been stocking them up for the iPhone 8 launch all along, but this seems unlikely). At best I see them as a slightly discounted add-on to iPhone 7s/8 purchases.

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