Can Apple end their WWDC losing streak?

“With shares of technology giant Apple trading close to their all-time highs, I continue to get questions about when investors should buy the stock. Everyone wants to know when the next pullback will come, as they are afraid of buying the stock right before a decline,” Bill Maurer writes for Seeking Alpha. “Well, one of Apple’s worst trading weeks is coming up, which is rather strange since it usually is a time that showcases the best Apple has to offer.”

“Next week, Apple will hold its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, known as WWDC, from June 5th to 9th,” Maurer writes. “WWDC week is one of Apple’s worst weeks for shareholders. While there’s no one specific reason why, my guess is that it’s along the lines of ‘buy the rumor, sell the news.'”

“There are always so many rumors that come out before WWDC that don’t materialize, making some consumers and investors unhappy,” Maurer writes. “This year, for example, investors may be disappointed if Apple holds off the launch of the Siri smart speaker until this fall. I put together the chart below showing how Apple shares do during WWDC week, and the results may be surprising.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Too many casual investors don’t understand WWDC is about software. That’s why WWDC has traditional been a good time to buy on the dip.

That said, we’d like to see some new hardware during or around WWDC this year, including Apple’s rumored Siri Speaker and, especially, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro units which we’re hoping to get ASAP!


    1. Yes Apple’s penchant for secrecy will start serving less and less. Perception can work for you and against you, imagined or otherwise. And be damaging in the process. Time to start laying out your roadmap Apple.

  1. iMac Pro makes no sense at all.

    Many pro users have put up with all-in-one computers because that’s all Apple would sell at a price that made sense. But given the choice, There are probably several times more people who would be interested in a real user-upgradeable Mac Mini or an all new mid-range tower instead of another version of Apple’s venerable sealed all-in-one design.

    Also, the old Apple display used to be a decent, if overpriced, dock for Mac laptops. Once upon a time, the Apple Display actually looked like it belonged as a secondary display for pros who use multiple displays (which is many/most of them).

    But Apple refused to keep display prices reasonable, maintain connector commonality, advertise, or improve. There is a huge market of people ready and waiting for a family of high resolution Apple Displays that can work with their portables – ANY portables, whether it be an iPad or Mac or PC or iPhone — at a realistic price. Having a comprehensive family of desktop and portable computers that can all work beautifully with a family of displays makes infinitely more sense than Apple’s current game plan of forcing everyone to buy an all-in-one that cannot be updated and is essentially inadequate as the hub of your workspace without 3rd party external drives and breakout boxes and additional displays and so forth.

  2. As I prepare for my 2020 campaign, I implore apple to create/ invent an email app that will automatically delete all of my emails. I cannot afford to has my email hacked anyways. Ain’t no ways tired!

    1. Wow! What a brilliant idea.

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      You also have vast world leader support all over the globe and the same identity politics to influence and dazzle Apple on so many levels. Have a Mojito when Tim throws you a private fundraising pool party.

      Comey and Obama are no longer there to help you out. But no worries, you won’t need them if an app is developed by a third party and infinitely more reliable than a closet server vulnerable to a subpoena. Giving you complete anonymity and deniability — you’re always so smart. 😊👍🏻

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      We ALL feel it. We feel VICTORY and we foresee the first U.S. woman president in HIS(HER)TORY in 2020. You go girl!!!

      Hillary! Hillary! Hillary! 👏🏻🇺🇸


  3. Though I don’t place the same credence in market valuation (I was a staunch user and fan when the stock was sub $40), I can’t argue with the sentiment. I have stopped watching the boring and at times pretentious keynotes for a couple of years, now. I’m not tuning in for this one, either.

  4. Easy. Just make some concrete announcements of upcoming hardware that addresses some of the concerns many users are having. Nothing huge, just details like expandability, upgradeable memory, and approximate announcement dates. And incremental updates of laptops.

    Secrecy can work both ways. At its best, it wows people with something they never saw coming and may change their lives. At its worst, it is used to hide the fact that you’ve been doing very little.

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