Vevo revamps its TV look and feel, starting with Apple TV

“Vevo revamped its app for Apple TV with a design it plans to trickle out to other streaming boxes later this year, aimed at displacing music-only apps for TV like Pandora,” Joan E. Solsman reports for CNET. “‘We wanted a flagship example of what we could do,’ Vevo CEO Erik Huggers said at an unveiling.”

“The app plays to a small but growing segment of how consumers are watching digital video,” Solsman reports. “For Vevo, connected TVs represent less than 10 percent of views but are its biggest growth segment.”

“Vevo’s new design includes elements familiar to people using its mobile app: artist stations, a hub for genres, and playlists curated to suit time of day and your personal preferences,” Solsman reports. “Important for a TV app, the new design adds the ability to browse while continuing to listen to what’s playing, and to get a preview of what’s inside a playlist selection by playing short, soundfree clips of the what is in queue.”

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“The new app now serves up curated playlists that also take cues from contexts — music videos suggested on a Tuesday morning may look different from those served up on a Saturday afternoon,” Janko Roettgers reports for Variety.

“Vevo is also banking on using the TV app to get people to watch some of its original programming, which the company has been putting a bigger focus on,” Roettgers reports. “Late last year, Vevo hired The Fader’s former content VP Joseph Patel as its new VP of Original Programming.”

Roettgers reports, “One of the first pieces produced under Patel’s helm was a mini documentary about the roots of rising RnB star Khalid. Said Hall: ‘We are starting to have a lot more of this longer-form programming.'”

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MacDailyNews Info: Vevo’s new app will debut Friday only on Apple TV’s App Store.

Key features for Vevo on tvOS include:

• New design and layout that gets you to playlists and videos you’ll love and into an immersive, lean-back experience as soon as you open the app.
Artist stations to fit your tastes and moods.
• The ability to browse while listening to a playlist or artist station or video, with our unique “peek-inside-playlist” UI that allows you to preview what’s inside a playlist.
• Programming curated by our in-house editorial team that’s perfect for the time of day and the big events and holidays.
• Completely localized playlist experience by genre and market.
• An experience that evolves with you; the more you use Vevo, the more personalized the experience will become.
• Fluid playlist controls that enable you to navigate through a playlist without exiting to a static details page.
• The ability to curate your Vevo, with just a couple of taps necessary to add a video you like to your favorites section or to one of your playlists.
• A genres section that allows you to browse the top videos, trending artists and most recent playlists for the genres you prefer.


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