Apple’s sales of wearables are outpacing iPhone out of the gate

“Apple’s wearables platform is gaining momentum,” Neil Cybart writes for Above Avalon. “According to Apple’s most recent earnings and management commentary, the company sold more than five million wearable devices last quarter.”

“When combined, Apple Watch, AirPods, and W1 chip-enabled Beats headphones are now outselling Mac in terms of unit sales. More impressively, Apple wearables are tracking ahead of iPhone in terms of unit sales out of the gate,” Cybart writes. “As competitors continue to approach wearables with caution, Apple is doubling down.”

“Apple launched a wearables platform with Apple Watch two years ago in April 2015. Apple has since expanded the platform to include devices for the ears (AirPods and Beats headphones),” Cybart writes. “As Apple unveils new wearable devices and form factors, those products will expand the company’s wearables platform.”

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MacDailyNews Take: YKBAWID.

And, again, Apple’s AirPods are sublime.


  1. Outpacing the iPhone! That’s not possible. Everyone knows AppleWatch is a failure. When the original AppleWatch sales didn’t meet analyst’s expectations, Wall Street quickly claimed it was a failed product. I see articles saying so every week or so how Apple is scared to announce AppleWatch unit sales because they’re embarrassed at the low numbers. Supposedly, AppleWatch is Tim Cook’s worst decision, the so-called iPhone for the wrist. I don’t concern myself with such stuff. Every product Apple makes is automatically considered a failure, so nothing has changed much.

    It’s amusing how shareholders want to fire Tim Cook over AppleWatch and yet Tesla shareholders are praising Musk for his fancy solar roof shingles. It’s really quite absurd how people view products.

  2. as an aapl investor I’m very glad about Watch going ok but I’m tired of writers bashing Mac always linking unit sales…
    (If unit sales was end all iPhone would be a turd compared to Android, which of course it is not).

    Look at REVENUE : Macs Q2 $ 5.1 billion .
    Watch, iPod, TV, AirPods, Beats, Accessories etc COMBINED = 2.8 billion.

    So Macs earned near twice all of those (the ‘Other Products’ category) combined in spite of slow or no upgrades for Macs and near zero advertising vs plenty of Watch, AirPod , Beats ads.

    The above are revenue numbers, profit if you minus expenses (like advertising, R&D etc) I am certain would be even more in favour of Mac. What is the R&D for the 2013 Mac Pro ? .

  3. When sales of certain product is bad, Apple’s mind manipulating machine immediately goes into high gear to hype up the sales. It was not like this in old days. This is from a big Apple loyalist for more that a quarter century. I do not like Apple under Cook. Money, money and money, no romantic dreams any more, sigh….

    1. I go back to ’85 as a Mac user, so I get what where you’re coming from. Times have changed. Apple came out of the gate fast in late ’70s with lots of continual improvement in personal computers. Then there was the horse race between Mac OS and Windows, with Window clobbering Apple in the ’90s. The Jobs ouster, then return. Lot’s of drama. And then the Jobs era of the 2Ks and resurrection of Apple. The vanquishing of Gates, Ballmer and the slide of Windows. Very exciting. All the stories were about hardware and software. Now, with Apple at the pinnacle of tech companies, the bulk of stories seem to be from investor related sources. Valuation, earnings, dissecting quarterly financials. Apple is now a really big company. Big companies are always the target for criticism. The news is about who is doing something different/better than the leader. Just the way it is. And then, there is no more Steve Jobs. There is no way anyone can be quite like Jobs, not even Elon Musk—he’s good, but he’s no Steve Jobs. Tim will always be only a weak shadow of Steve Jobs, but while I can find lots to criticize him and Apple about over the past 5 years, I just can’t blame him for not being Steve. Who could?

  4. Well, the title of this article says it all. “Apple’s sales of wearables are outpacing iPhone out of the gate”. Someone is trying to hype up the sales of watches, which is really not up to the expectation. Why would anyone (else) do so? Strange….

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