Analyst sees Apple’s market value at $1 trillion in a year

“After reporting mixed earnings last week, Apple was given a $202 price target, its highest to date, by one analyst on Monday,” Lauren Thomas reports for CNBC. “”

“With the expected release of the iPhone 8 this fall, Apple is only in the ‘early stages’ of unlocking upside potential for investors, Drexel Hamilton’s Brian White wrote in a note to clients Monday,” Thomas reports. “‘We believe Apple remains among the most underappreciated stocks in the world,'” White said.”

“Apple closed Friday at $148.96 per share,” Thomas reports. “If the stock climbed to White’s target (a gain of more than 35 percent), that would give the iPhone juggernaut a market value of $1.06 trillion based on its current share count of 5,247 from FactSet.”

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MacDailyNews Take: From your lips to Mr. Market’s ears, Brian.

And, yes, Apple is one of the most underappreciated stocks in the world, if not the most underappreciated.


  1. This is normally the kiss of death.
    Apple nearly at $800B market cap. Gaining another 40 pts is possible but my guess is that some profit taking will happen soon.

  2. Yup, it’s sounding more like late 2012 all over again. The first person that came to mind was Brian White and one of his outlandish predictions. Bingo! He always has to outdo every other analyst on price targets.

    Has anyone heard from Andy Zaky lately? I remember him telling people to mortgage their houses to buy Apple stock because it could only go up higher. Famous last words.

    I’m just waiting for all the pundits to start popping out of the woodwork, like cockroaches, to tell everyone who has ears, Apple has risen too far and too fast for its own good. Apple isn’t Amazon and Tim Cook isn’t Jeff Bezos.

    That sure makes sense to me. The only problem I see in telling people to dump Apple is that the arrogant chump will have to make Warren Buffett into an idiot for loading up on Apple stock. I honestly can’t imagine that happening. Buffett is too respected to be contradicted openly.

    As far as Apple stock reaching $200, I’m definitely skeptical, but what the hey, bring it on. Let Apple beat Amazon to the $1T mark.

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