New leak contradicts worst iPhone 8 rumor and hints at wireless charging

“Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard troubling rumors that Apple is thinking about putting a Touch ID sensor on the back of the iPhone 8,” Chris Mills reports for BGR.

“The move would be necessary to eliminate the bottom bezel on the device, enabling the fitting of an edge-to-edge display that’s all the hot rage in tech these days,” Mills reports. “But it would also be a middle finger to common sense, and mercifully, it seems that the rumors might be just that.”

“A new schematic spotted (but not verified) by OnLeaks shows the back panel for some kind of iPhone 8-shaped device. It has the dual camera lenses we’ve heard so much about and the physical design lines up with other leaks, but there’s one big difference: no cut-out for a fingerprint sensor on the back,” Mills reports. “The large circular support shown in the middle of the back on this schematic… looks just right for a charging coil to allow for induction wireless charging.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, hopefully, it’s true that Touch ID is not moving to the worst place possible on the rear casing. It’s bad enough that the Home button is in the wrong place on iPhones other than the SE, having Touch ID on the back of the iPhone would be even worse!


  1. The on off button (placed side right) is not worse than top right. Once you get it in your head, accidental “turn off’s” don’t happen and it becomes much faster to click on and off.

    Normally, your thumb occupies that space ( if you are right handed) and it is so conveniently placed right there for you either pres or “NOT press”. Once you learn to “NOT press” it, it becomes the best place for that button.

    Remember when scrolling changed on the mac? Same thing. Now moving the document up gets you to the bottom of the page……just like real life and as it should have been from the start.

    1. However, some of us are LEFT handed, and I find that holding the phone to adjust the volume makes me press the power button far more often than I’d like… I’d rather it be back on the top or botton, or at least NOT lined up with the volume buttons.

    2. I can generally get used to anything, given sufficient time. But I have to say that I prefer the top, right location for the power button rather than the side.

      I hardly ever need to use the power button, and inadvertent activation of the power button is very annoying to me. So I would strongly prefer for it to be located a bit out of the way. Since you grasp the phone on the sides, a top location seems better to me.

    3. After a year and a half of almost always inevitably turning the phone off when I would want to adjust the volume, I can say that the placement of the power button on 6 and newer phones is simply bad design.

      I don’t know what happens if you are holding it in the right hand, but I can’t imagine it would be any different, since the buttons are on the exact opposite sides, and no matter which side you want to press, you tend to squeeze it from both ends.

      I was hoping that the SE would get an upgraded processor, RAM memory and cameras; it only got extra storage. Since I already have the A9 in my pocket, I’m not going swap my 6s for SE. For now, I’m stuck with the phone that shuts the screen off when I want to adjust the volume. Until Apple upgrades the SE with the current processor (and cameras). As soon as that happens, my 6s is going on CraigsList.

    4. It is crazy bad design having the power button directly opposite the volume buttons. As a right-hander, I invariable don’t power off when I press the power off button because my index finder is pressing the volume button. And I’m interested to read that a left-hander has the opposite problem, powering off when wanting to adjust the volume. This “Ive-ism” would not have lasted a nano-second if Steve Jobs was still alive. It has bugged me since day one of the 6s plus.

      1. I’m right-handed, but my phone has always been in my left hand. When I want to adjust the volume (with my thumb), I invariably power the screen off. Four out of five times. After a year and a half of getting used to it.

        It is simply very difficult to grip the phone in a way that would allow you to independently press those buttons.

    5. I strongly dislike both the iOS natural scrolling bs being pushed onto the Mac and the placement of the power button on iPhones 6-7.

      I don’t think I’m in the minority on the feelings of either design mistake either

      1. I believe that most people quickly adjusted to natural scrolling. Your is one of the only dissenting opinions that I have heard in a long time. I personally believe that natural scrolling is better and more intuitive, and the only time I get tripped up is when I have to slum it on a Windows PC.

        If natural scrolling bugs you, then you can change it in macOS preferences. Go to Mouse and remove the check from “Scroll Direction: Natural.” Easy!

  2. – Someone found a prototype iPhone 8 and called it real. Nope.
    – Someone created a fake iPhone 8 and called it real. Nope.

    Rumors. Fakes. All-The-Same. Worthless.

    But playing in the rumor-mongering mud is too much fun, for some.

    1. This brings back a little of the old Apple product excitement from the late 1990s through the mid-2000s. We used to look forward to the pending release of new Apple hardware and software. In recent years the excitement has been overshadowed by gripes and second-guessing and FUD.

      I miss the old days…

  3. Along those same lines, the location of the iPhone charging port on the bottom edge places the connector and cable in the way when you want to use the phone while it is charging. The bottom connector location makes sense for docking the iPhone, but is not for hand-held use, imo.

    1. I’m not sure I understand how is cable in the way as it is now, and where should the lightning port be moved in order to be easier to use hand-held while charging.

      As it is, the wire comes out of the bottom, exactly the same way it did with phones since the first telephone with an integrated handset was invented (around 1890).

  4. I knew the button on the right was bad design when I read a review saying, “It’s a great Apple touch that if you click BOTH the Sleep button and the volume up at the same time, it doesn’t put the phone to sleep.”

    You know what a great Apple touch would be? Designing it so you DON’T need that little work-around.

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