New ‘iPhone 8’ leak reveals vertical lenses, wireless charging

“There’s a new leaked schematic of the iPhone 8, and it appears to confirm previous reports about Apple’s next-generation flagship handset sporting wireless charging technology and a vertically-aligned dual-camera setup,” Corazon Victorino reports for International Business Times. “The leak also contradicts rumors of the next iPhone having its Touch ID sensor placed on the back.”

“On Wednesday, Steve Hemmerstoffer shared on his OnLeaks Twitter account a diagram showing the back of the 10th anniversary iPhone. The leaker indicated he couldn’t confirm if the tipped schematic is legit or not, but he is displaying it online for everyone to see,” Victorino reports. “The illustration appears to be more elaborate than previous leaks, so some Apple fans who have seen it presumed that it’s legit.”

“A large pad underneath the Apple logo… is believed to be part of the company’s plan to equip the next-generation iPhone with wireless charging technology,” Victorino reports. “Previously, a different leak showed a small cutout which sources presumed to be that of a rear-mounted Touch ID sensor. This new schematic contradicts that leak and now supports claims of an iOS phone that has wireless charging and a fingerprint scanner on the front. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, this is true and much better than having Touch ID in the worst place possible on the rear casing.

Now, of course, the iPhone 7 Plus already has vertical lenses – when held in landscape.

iPhone 7 Plus Camera. Two cameras that shoot as one
iPhone 7 Plus Camera. Two cameras that shoot as one.


  1. Now if Apple would only move the on/off switch from the upper right side back to the top right where it belongs we’d have a true game changer here. 😉

  2. Starts to sound much more like the momentum that we have missed for some time now allowing others to get useful features in first (rather than the pointless gimmick types they so thrived on).

    So I wonder if the previous schematics with that dreaded ‘hole’ in the back were simply fakes, an alternative fall back solution, early ‘holder’ for the undefined wireless charging set up or perhaps a rear Touch ID for the 7S variants that are talked of.

  3. I just want a Stuart Smalley hologram to popout of the next iPhone, give me a big fat kiss and tell me I’m special once or twice a week.

    Come on Apple, bring back some of that Willy Wonka magic.

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