Geopolitical uncertainty drags Wall Street into red

“Pervasive uncertainty over the role of the U.S. in international conflicts dragged Wall Street into the red on Tuesday and kept it there until the closing bell,” Keris Alison Lahiff and Valerie Young report for TheStreet.

“The S&P 500 was down 0.14%, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0.03%, and the Nasdaq slipped 0.24%,” Lahiff and Young report. “Stocks came off the worst of the day’s lows by the end of the session.”

“Geopolitical uncertainty has made for choppy trading over the past several sessions, particularly on worries over how President Donald Trump will handle increasing tensions on the Korean Peninsula,” Lahiff and Young report. “Trump tweeted earlier Tuesday:”

“The U.S.’s response in Syria was also on investors’ minds. The U.S. launched about 60 cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase last Thursday, the first direct intervention in Syria’s long-running civil war,” Lahiff and Young report. “The Trump administration approved the strike in retaliation to a chemical attack from the Assad regime last week that killed dozens of civilians.”

“Trump said Tuesday he wants to eliminate or revamp the Dodd-Frank banking reform law, which was enacted after the 2008 financial crisis. The regulations require financial institutions to prove they are fiscally sound and can weather future shocks to global markets,” Lahiff and Young report. “‘We’re doing a major elimination of the horrendous Dodd-Frank regulations, keeping some obviously, but getting rid of many,’ he said at discussion with CEOs at the White House on Tuesday.”

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MacDailyNews Take: In Nasdaq trading today, Apple closed down $1.54 (-1.08%) to $141.63 per share.

Apple’s all-time high of $145.46 was set during trading on April 05, 2017.


  1. It’s so nice to have adults in charge again – experts like James Mattis – who deal in facts from the real world, not theories from the faculty lounge.

    1. Right…there were never any adults in Washington until now… /s

      Do you *really* believe what you post, Fwhatever? If so…wow. Just wow…

      In my opinion, real adults don’t change their minds every few minutes and spew temper tantrums and threats on Twitter.

      1. But they do loyally follow certain Twitter feeds and adjust their ideas based on them. Today more than ever, the idea of fealty is driven by a compelling and thrilling social force that eliminates one’s need for independent thought — always a chore, and a lonely undertaking, for all that it advances one’s own moral character, as Thoreau once observed. But what do fscking tree huggers know? Gangs are where it’s at.

      2. My favorite nugget of useless information this week:

        Percentage of Democrats who supported President Obama’s 2013 proposal to make targeted air strikes on Syria to deter their use of chemical weapons—38%.

        Percentage of Democrats who support President Trump’s 2017 proposal to make targeted air strikes on Syria to deter their use of chemical weapons—37% (essentially the same as in 2013, within the margin of error).

        Percentage of Republicans who supported President Obama’s 2013 proposal to make targeted air strikes on Syria to deter their use of chemical weapons—22% (which is why Congress rejected the plan, as did the British Parliament).

        Percentage of Republicans who support President Trump’s 2017 proposal to make targeted air strikes on Syria to deter their use of chemical weapons—86%.

        So (this Republican is embarrassed to ask), who is playing politics with the foreign policy of the United States?

    2. Those “adults” like Trump are being investigated by the FBI and congress for collision with the Russians in the hacking of the elections as well as money laundering. This could lead to treason against America by Trump.

      1. The left has found their own Benghazi. There is literally zero evidence that the DNC hacks were ordered/carried out by the Russian government. In fact, there is zero evidence that the hacks came from Russia at all. Even more: there are doubts that there were successful hacks in the first place.

        The reason is that the sole source of the bulk of the “evidence” on the issue comes from the infamous “pay-to-attribute” contractor CrowdStrike that wants you to believe that the Russian government has used serially implicated hacking groups that use Russian biggest mail service and sign their edits by the name of the KGB’s founder.

        This “evidence” is so much of a caricature they they had to renege on their claims that the “hacks” were done by the Russian military intelligence, the GRU; now they claim that the Russian government has used a middlemen. But if you consider the evidence that I listed above, this story does not help either. It is impossible to believe unless Putin has intentionally wanted to be exposed, what is impossible it explain other than by suggesting that he has coordinated with Clinton to help her with her pre-planned (as the leaked mails show) neo-MacCarthyite red scare election campaign.

        By the way, all while CrownStrike publicly claims they detected the hacking since March of last year, John Podesta (Clinton’s chief-of-staff-to-be) has privately discussed in May that a possible leaker has to be found and punished. Wikileaks’ staff (former ambassador of the UK) has claimed from very beginning that they got the data from a leaker.

        1. The investigations are underway by the FBI and congress but you know better.

          “Those “adults” like Trump are being investigated by the FBI and congress for collision with the Russians in the hacking of the elections as well as money laundering. This could lead to treason against America by Trump.”

        2. Despite eight months of investigations and “not wittingly” spying on Trump and his associates, it still has turned out nothing. Even Obama/Hillary people such as Clapper and Morell admit that there is no evidence of “collusion”. The investigation of Benghanzi case lasts for years, but we all know how fruitful it has turned out to be.

          Trump’s polices from very beginning were against Russia’s on China, Iran, Israel, even on the climate change, and now on Syria. But this all is, according to the conspiracy theory lunatics, just an extensive master mind plan to cover up the “fact” that Trump is Putin’s agent.

        3. “Despite eight months of investigations and “not wittingly” spying on Trump and his associates”

          The FBI and NSA have no knowledge of Trump surveillance on Trump. It seems only Trump and Fox news have this info and they are not sharing it.

          The FBI has know the Russians were behind the hacking of the Dems since as early as March 2016. Trump’s enrollment came when so many of his people, ex national security advisor Flynn , the attorney general and even his son-in-law had contacts with the Russians before Trump was sworn in. Not to mention the British dossier outlining connections between Trump and his people with the Russians.

          The US shots traitors.

        4. CNN has reported about the “now witting” spying.

          The FBI did not “know” anything. They got the report from CrowdStrike all while the DNC has denied access to its network and servers to the FBI investigators.

          As The Hill reported few weeks ago, Clinton campaign was in contact with the Russians (just as Obama’s in 2008). Podesta is now on Russian payroll (look at his latest Sberbank deal). The Clintons as well as Clinton Foundation have directly profited from the sale of Uranium production to a Russian state company. Few prominent Democrats have denied that they contacted the Russians only to be exposed by journalists.

          The reason why all those people, be them Republicans or Democrats, are not eager/evasive about contacts with Russians is the neo-MacCarthyite witch hunt campaign that is waged in media.

          Interestingly enough, the media pretend to be “liberal”, but, as we see in this case, is totally fine with the fear mongering, xenophobia and bigotry the endless smear of Russians with all kinds of zero-evidence claims, most of them so absurd that they had to renege on them. Just replace “Russians” with, say, “Jews” in those hundreds of fake news stories and see how disgusting the media and Democrats are.

        5. There is zero proof of any Trump-Russia collusion.

          As for Benghazi: Clinton and Obama lied about the Sept. 11, 2012 Benghazi attacks because the debacle threatened Obama’s re-election less than two months later. Clinton lied directly to the face of the families of the victims, blaming a YouTube video when it is proven that she knew otherwise at the time.

          There is plenty of proof of Hillary Clinton influence peddling throughout her career, including evidence of Clinton Foundation donations in exchange for the transfer of 20% of America’s uranium holdings to Russia’s ARMZ Uranium Holding Co., approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), on which U.S. Secretary of State sat.

          In short: You have nothing (besides much guilt and a whole lot of losses), Dem/Lib/Progs.

        6. I really don’t understand all the fuss. Even if there IS a connection, there’s no one that currently supports Trump that suddenly wouldn’t if it was discovered that, yeah, Trump is taking orders from Russia.

        7. “The left has found their own Benghazi.”
          That would be to assume that this story would be able to shake support from Trump the way that Benghazi shook support from Clinton. And there is literally NOTHING that would shake Trump supporters. There IS no liberal Benghazi and there never will be.

    3. Those “adults” the republican congress tried to pass a healthcare overhaul that was nothing more than a massive tax give away to the wealthy & corporations at the expense of sick people. They also went after Medicaid to gut it to give even more tax breaks to the rich and corporations.

      The people said no.

      1. The news of no updates or major revisions for the Mac Pro and Mac Mini until at least 2018 and possibly early 2019 are affecting the markets broadly. There are rumors that stockholders are planning a vigorous spanking session for Tim Cook.

        1. Update: the plan for the spanking session is rumored to be cancelled as it was learned that Mr. Cook may in fact enjoy the procedure, especially if spankers are attired in black leather and other constrictive wear.

    4. Trump has only filled 2 of the appointed positions in the State Department- Sec of State and UN Ambassador. Maybe a little less time on the Golf Course and less time listening to his daughter- whom nobody elected to anything- and he could get his small hands wrapped around the complex world situation.

      Trump is an embarrassment to the United States and the entire world. The economy is cooling, the repeal and replace is DoA, the deficit is rising, his approval rates are the lowest in history and he cannot even work with his own Cray-Cray party in CONgress.

      Buyer’s remorse is starting to set in and Republican Congressmen are hiding from their own constituents by cancelling town hall meetings even in solidly Gerrymandered Republican Districts. At this rate Speaker Ryan will be Minority Leader Ryan in less than 24 months.

      1. DG, you can criticize Trump for not staffing the State Department, which is true enough, and it’s not just the State Department. Don’t be confused about the reason why. It has nothing to do with being inattentive because of golfing. He and that whack job Steve Bannon are intentionally doing their best to dismantle the workings of the state bureaucracy in the belief that our Government has been corrupted and bankrupted by the overarching bureaucracy. Whatever you might think about that, Bannon is a certifiable loon who believes in the “Deep State” and that society goes through periods of tumult every few decades and, more frighteningly, he’s perfectly prepared to help us along to the next one. Just don’t go thinking that the lack of hires is by neglect. It’s planned.

        1. The Deep State is real, just not as Alt-Right loons see it. The Fourth Turning is a book by two amateur Historians that makes for interesting reading, but means little as history does not repeat- although it does rhyme.

          The apointed positions Trump has failed to fill are the political appointees used to force the bureaucracy to bend to the will of the President and are the direct result of the actions of his hero Andrew Jackson. If he wishes to make the elephant tap dance he will need those people in place to enforce his directions and orders. Aside from that, those positions hold real power unavailable to career civil servants who could not do some of what the unfilled positions could do easily due to the way government is structured and organized. Not filling these positions regardless of his long term intent would be like firing a mass of employees without having replacements ready. Since many of these positions require background checks and in some cases Congressional approval, filling them is not a pro forma thing quickly done.

          Bannon is toast. His big mouth has already caused former allies within Trumpland to distance themselves. Telling anyone in Washington who will listen about how you are leading the President around by the nose is not a formula for happiness.

          Trump is on track to a failed Presidency and being a one term wonder. He has to get his shit together and quickly before most Republicans walk away from his as toxic. Agent Orange will have to fund Obamacare without a repeal and replacement in place, so it becomes his tar baby. He will also – along with Republicans in CONgress- have to raise the debt ceiling and that will also be his tar baby. Any tax cuts he enacts and any new spending will increase the deficit and the debt- and that will also be his tar baby.

          Many of the disaffected Trump voters are Social Security recipients and are also on Medicare and want neither touched. If he bends to Paul Ryan’s world of magical budgeting he will piss off his base, and set off a shit-storm both within the Republican Party and elective politics as a whole. Trump, over time, will likely become a more conventional President or his administration will implode.

          The sad part of all this is that many innocent people will be collateral damage. The good part of this is watching the Conservatards eat their own with nobody to blame- they control all the levers of government in all 3 branches. Republicans are very good at obstrcuction and saying no- they have yet to balance a budget since Eisenhower.

    1. Alas, you are right. The USA is again claiming a MENA region country has WMD all while it has certifiable as per the UN inspection does not have neither the chemicals nor the components of it nor facilities to manufacture it.

      Al-Qaeda and its clones, however, are receiving chemical weapons from Libya through Turkey (as per Turkish whistle-blowers who were jailed by Erdogan for saying that), as well as from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

      Ever since Russia has come to directly help Assad, about 1500 settlements have signed peace deals and came under the rule of law of Syria again. Syrian army is advancing on almost all fronts. There is literally zero evidence that Syrian air forces has used chemical weapons, as well as no motive.

      There is, however, motive for Al-Qaeda/clones and their masters within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel and the deep state with the USA, to whom Trump, sadly, has given up to last week.

      1. This situation kinda reminds me of JFK and the lies perpetrated by Allen Dulles during the Bay of Pigs in an attempt to draw the president into invading Cuba…Trump is surrounded by devils, the chief among them POS McMaster.

        1. Oh sorry, it wasn’t a failure, it as a win for Cuba who successfully withstood an invasion by an aggressive war mongering nation that didn’t even have the civilized courtesy to declare war prior to the invasion.

        2. You mean Brigade 2506 that was trained and funded by your country and had your nation’s planes and warships involved? Sounds like invasion by proxy, getting some exiles to do the dirty work while your nation put on a show of force, after all a good show is about the only thing your nation is good for, apart from war of course.

          Good thing to know that the true Cuban patriots won the day.

        3. Under the cover of darkness, the invasion fleet set sail from Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua and headed towards the Bay of Pigs on the night of 14 April.[110] Following behind the fleet was the carrier USS Essex and five destroyers.

          Several US Navy destroyers were stationed offshore near Guantánamo Bay to give the appearance of an impending invasion fleet.

          On 15 April 1961, at about 06:00 AM Cuban local time, eight Douglas B-26B Invader bombers in three groups simultaneously attacked three Cuban airfields at San Antonio de los Baños and at Ciudad Libertad (formerly named Campo Columbia), both near Havana, plus the Antonio Maceo International Airport at Santiago de Cuba.

          Looks like your nations warships and planes were indeed involved.

          And I’d rather be an idiot than a citizen of a terrorist nation by the way.

      2. Actually, there is ample evidence of the Syrian military using chemical weapons … there’s been literally thousands of ‘barrel bomb’s dropped, many of which have used Chlorine (“repurposed” from water purification plans).

        Granted, not all of the 12,958 barrel bombs that Syria dropped in 2016 had Chlorine payloads, but that also doesn’t mean that there were absolutely none. Similarly, from a military standpoint, Chlorine doesn’t make for a particularly effective weapon – – but that simply means that its effect is more psychological (a terror weapon).


        1. To be correct, the jihadists call all of the falling bombs “barrel” simply for PR purpose while in reality in all five years there were only few cases of confirmed use of “barrel bombs”. It was a short time logistical issue since Syria usually has “unlimited ammo” supply due to Russia’s giant warehouses with bombs that otherwise would need to be utilities anyway as they are becoming too old.

          By the way, in reality “barrel bombs” are more accurate, not less as they are dropped from statically hovering helicopters that helps to aim very well despite ad hoc bomb’s fins not being the best.

          The claims of use of chlorine comes from Al-Qaeda and not independently confirmed. And why would chlorine terrorise terrorists is beyond any sane reason as the most of them are fanatical and not scared of death anyway. So there is even no motive why would Syrian air force want to use it in the first place.

        2. DErss,

          Because the Syrian Air Force isn’t bombing just Al-Quaeda forces, but also built-up civilian areas controlled by Assad’s political opponents. The motive is to create terror among the civilian population so that they will flee outside the country, leaving only Assad supporters inside. Chemical weapons are better at creating terror than conventional munitions.

          If you don’t want to support terrorists, eliminate the biggest Syrian terrorist of all.

        3. You forgot the fact that 11 million Syrians have left the warring areas, including 6 million of internally displaced people that went to the government’s territory as they do not want to live under Wahhabi/Salafi terrorist tyranny — so what Al-Qaeda calls “civilians” in their claims is almost always entirely their own terrorists.

          Sadly, Assad’s “political opponents” are almost entirely Al-Qaeda and their clones. So it is useless to create terror on them. Thus there is not only no evidence of Syrian army’s use of WMDs, but there is also no motive.

        4. On reflection, my guess is that anybody who cites nonexistent evidence to support Assad and Putin against an enemies list including “Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, and the deep state with the USA,” is either a pro-Iranian Shiite or a Russian agent.

          I urge that we not feed this particular troll.

        5. On reflection, my guess is that anybody who cites nonexistent evidence to claim that Assad has used WMDs and denies the evolvement of “Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, and the deep state with the USA” that openly wanted regime change since the early 2000s, is admitted even by CNN, is either Hillbot or NSA agent (Snowden exposed NSA’s troll army that enforce StateDep agenda on social networks).

          I urge that we not feed this particular troll.

      1. No, baseball season started and since the election was five months ago and we won and everything…it was in all the papers….but, if you’d like, because you are so special, I’ll be happy to change it back.

    2. Rather funny that a beneficiary of the success of the most prolific trading nation and international melting pot of multiculturalism is whining about globalism. Perhaps botvinnik has been watching too much media from Murdock, an Australian, or Bannon, a former Goldman Sachs banker and seemingly a fascist. Or does the nepotist post for security advisor, another real estate developer with significant ties to international financiers of questionable integrity, represent botvinnik’s ideal of a national ideal — a person who makes nothing, but merely buys and sells American real estate using foreign money?

      1. Perhaps “Andy” pretends he doesn’t know what global governance means in a grotesque attempt to conflate it with “melting pot.” Further, perhaps “Andy” is a goddamned liar. How ’bout that, “Andy”?

        1. PS: “A person who makes nothing…” Edifices created by Trump, including his Manhattan tower, will be standing long after fascist trash like “Andy” has finally achieved his true destiny: cuisine for the worms.

  2. Trump is an idiot; doesn’t begin to understand the complexities of foreign policy; is seen as incoherent among the world.

    All Trump does is watch cable TV, mostly Fox News, and react to it. An embarrassment to our country.

    Now today his press secretary even tried to downplay the holocaust, said Hitler never used chemical weapons, forgetting about the gassing of millions of Jews in concentration camps.

    The Trump admin would make for a funny movie if it were not real

    1. The Trump admin IS a funny movie — you can’t look away, lest you miss the latest laugh line — but it’s also a “feely”, where you get a direct shock to your nervous system every time you realise clowns are at the controls.

  3. What Geopolitical uncertainty? Heck the chump starting and continuing a war is like 99.99%, that nation is a war mongering terrorist state with not change in the near future that’s for sure.

    1. It’s a war-mongering terrorist state engaging with other war-mongering terrorist states, seeking to eliminate other terrorist states who don’t wish war but only to be left alone to behead people at their whim for victimless crimes. Truly, this is global psychopathy.

      1. Yup, total lunacy on a global scale. No more question as to who is not a team player anymore, not with that kind of unilateral action.

        It’s excellent, a lovely marriage for the two terrorists states. Go at it folks, it’s ensure peace for the free and civilized world.

        Watch out though, you might end up picking on someone your own size. Worse yes, a couple your own size. But hey, why bring global gas to a national nuke fight.

        Have fun.

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