How to protect your Apple iCloud account from hackers

“Maybe the London-based hacker group — which goes by the name ‘Turkish Crime Family’ — doesn’t have access to 250-million Apple iCloud account names and passwords,” Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols writes for ZDNet. “But they do have access to some indeterminate number of accounts, and that’s more than enough reason to exercise caution: Protect your iCloud’s password and data today or risk losing it tomorrow.”

“First, you need to back up your iCloud data,” Vaughan-Nichols writes. “Yes, I know Apple’s idea was you could use iCloud to back up your Apple device data, and that’s fine, but it’s iCloud itself we’re worried about today.”

“The only problem here is that iTunes doesn’t back everything up. For example, it won’t back up your Apple Pay information and settings, photos already on iCloud, or purchased iTunes and App Stores content. So, to be safe you really must change and secure your password,” Vaughan-Nichols writes. “Then, you’re going to want to add another layer of protection: Two-factor authentication (2FA). Apple’s 2FA is clunky, but it still does a great job of protecting your account.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good advice. Better safe than sorry!

Use two-factor verification for Apple ID to keep your personal information as secure as possible. More info here.

Always use unique passwords and use Apple’s Keychain Access and iCloud Keychain to create and manage them. When used properly, it works like a dream.

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    1. Do not trust iCloud for anything you would not want to see printed on the front page of …. Oh never mind, the current generation seems to post all their secrets on the internet for all to see. That’s why data mining is such an easy and profitable business

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