Will President Trump approve Apple’s big buyback?

“Today, the last bear on Wall Street threw in the towel and upgraded Apple’s stock,” The Frugal Prof writes for Seeking Alpha. “Noted Apple bear raises price target to $160. Of particular note is the rationale for his (Toni Sacconaghi’s) upgrade: Plus, he added, Apple is poised to benefit “significantly” from potential changes in the laws for bringing back foreign cash. Though Apple has long had a mountain of cash on hand, investors now see it as more valuable, Sacconaghi said.”

“This is a common assumption by Wall Street analysts, that Apple will repatriate some or all of its $90B in cash from overseas and initiate a big buyback,” The Frugal Prof writes. “As one of the richest, most visible companies in the world, this is a high-profile political event both for the company and for the Trump administration. And the political uncertainty surrounding the details of the final ‘deal’ or agreement is anything but certain.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook at U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's tech roundtable in December
Apple CEO Tim Cook at U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s tech roundtable in December
“The political purpose of repatriating cash is to create American manufacturing jobs. The significant question for shareholders is how does a de facto tax break for one of the richest companies in America to do a stock buyback help President Trump? It doesn’t,” The Frugal Prof writes. “In fact, a stock buyback is designed to benefit one group: shareholders. Large shareholders who now include outspoken critic of President Trump, Warren Buffett. I expect this to be a negotiation, and potentially, a contentious one… At a minimum, the company will need to announce some type of large manufacturing move to the United States, and or other political concessions.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Let’s Make a Deal!

(Just schedule the dealmaking session during a Ferrari BoD meeting.)

Apple’s Eddy Cue joins Ferrari board of directors – November 7, 2012


  1. I don’t see anything substantial coming out of this. Trump will be gone in a year or two. Apple has to think longer term. Setting up manufacturing anywhere is a decade long process, at least.

    If tax laws are changed to make it easier to repatriate earnings they might use that option for something. Perhaps they would use cash instead of debt for dividends, but that is not a large expense for them. Apple is not limited by a lack of cash in the US. If they needed a lot of money for a big acquisition they have many options to make that happen. My point is, I don’t think Apple is under pressure to repatriate a lot of cash so I don’t see why they need to make a large concession for that purpose.

    1. Oh I hope not, I think the chump will be good for two terms at least, he’s such an accurate representation of what that country has become.

      Apple, heck they should appropriate the money to the free and civilized world on the side of good and forget about their fifth rate nation of origin, which is now obviously on the side of evil.

      1. How about just ditch them altogether? I want to like Apple, but I feel like I’m forced to appreciate them since they are illegally part of my country. America has stolen lands from the Kingdom of Hawaii, Navajo Nation, Cherokee Nation, and even Mexico so I really don’t appreciate you lumping in prisoners of America with those who agree with America’s greed and violence. I may live in an American puppet state, but I am Hawaiian thank-you-very-much. Take that condescending attitude to those who deserve it, not us.

        1. Ditch who? I;m only talking about Apple ditching their home country but I admire them for staying as well, considering.

          Who stole lands? First of all the land is still there, second many native groups did not really have a concept of ownership (more custodians of the land) but in practicality I think it is access to the land, so if you are Hawaiian as you say, do you not have access to the rest of the nation? I don’t know, maybe you are at the point where you need travel permits.

          I think you are looking at the wrong character that is condescending. Look for the whine oh there it is, whaaaaaaa someone wire tapped my precious chump towers, my precious chump towers.

          That’s the condescending one.

          1. Thing is, I don’t want to be associated with America, I find it an insult to be called American actually, as Hawaii is still technically a dependent colony that was stolen by the Americans. I do find those comments condescending because you seem to think all people associated with America, including their prisoners, like Trump. Listen bud, I will never surrender to the Orange One, and I think you need to give the Native populations of this continent a little more respect, because none of them asked to be part of a terrorist nation. Got that?

            1. That’s kind of like a German saying that they don’t want to be associated with the Nazi regime around 1940. It’s appreciated but at the time that was the ruling regime, just as your chump is the leader of your regime. Now you may not like him, you may believe that Hawaii is a separate country but the reality is, you are a citizen of a terrorist nation whether you like it or not. It’s on your birth certificate and on your passport.

              I give the natives of this planet the respect they deserve, and there are many that are leaving the country now, some braving sub degree temperatures and hazardous conditions to reach a nation of the free and civilized world.

              No one asked you to be part of a terrorist nation but you are. No one is preventing you from leaving and joining the free and civilized world.

              So if you don’t like it, you can leave. That’s an option, I’m certainly not going to tell you what to do. Until you do are for all intent and purposes the citizen of terrorist nation.

              Got it?

            2. I’m NOT the citizen of ANY terrorist nation. How about read up on the Kingdom of Hawaii before you spread out anymore misinformation that the American Empire has spread out. We aren’t and never will be Americans no matter how true you want that to be. Don’t you EVER say that ignorant BS ever again.

            3. You are a citizen of a terrorist nation and I have read up on the Hawaiin Kingdom. It’s all done and dusted, you’ve been a state of the that nation since 1959. That’s from wiki, you don’t like it take it up with them.

              So unless you have a really good proof of that, like a passport of the kingdom of Hawaii, I’ll continue. You want to give me a link or two fine, but I have looked at it. Good luck getting your kingdom re-recognized, especially with the terrorist nation you belong to.
              Heck your nation went and bullied themselves into Iraq a decade ago, they are still there, who knows what for.

              Get with the program.

            4. You get with the program. All of that was ILLEGAL. Looks like you didn’t read enough. This was never supposed to happen, and we are a puppet state of a terrorist organization. Get a clue.

            5. Illegal? Ha, since when has Apple’s native country been concerned about legalities?

              I agree though, you are a puppet state of a terrorist organization.

              I’ve seen the kingdom of Hawaii website and I wish you good luck gaining independence from them but short of using force to remove the oppressor I doubt that your legal efforts will bear fruit, but you never know unless you try.

            6. I’m glad you are starting to see the light, but I still do not approve of you saying that my nation had anything to do with the Iraq War. My nation is Hawaii, NOT America. Are you going to say the same thing about Iraq if they ever get illegally annexed by the US? Our culture is lightyears away from America’s culture and you would have to be REAL ignorant to think we are one and the same. But thanks for the support, even though I still think it’s not sincere.

            7. If your nation isn’t Apple’s home nation then you should have backed the fuk off cause I wasn’t talking about you was I?. You are the one bringing Hawaii into my face like an attention whore. You got a birth certificate, passport and pay your taxes to the kingdom of Hawaii? Fine, but Hawaii is a recognized nation on the list of member states of the United Nations so tough.

              Iraq won’t get annexed by Apple’s home nation. Just look at what happened to Peru after 9-11, the first one (1973). You know for someone who says that they aren’t from Apple’s home nation you sure act like it.

              I think it’s real ignorant how you come and attempt to bash me for something I did not do.

              Go back to my original post: “Apple, heck they should appropriate the money to the free and civilized world on the side of good and forget about their fifth rate nation of origin, which is now obviously on the side of evil.”

              Any mention of Hawaii in there? No until you shoved it into my face. Go ahead keep shoving.

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            9. You seem to be forgetting that simple vote in Hawaii where the Hawaiian population voted overwhelmingly (> 93% by some accounts) to become the 50th state of the United States. No one forced Hawaii, or the vast majority of its residents, to become a state. That 7% had, and still have, the option to leave to go to another set of islands not in the United States.

              No matter how much whining you do it will not negate the simple facts that the vast majority of people in Hawaii (even native Hawaiians) asked to be a state and then resoundingly voted to actually become a state.

            10. That vote was done by a bunch of illegal foreigners who should have never visited our islands in the firstborn place. They took advantage of our hospitality and ruined our way of life. The vote was null as it does not respect the wishes of the native Hawaiians

            11. Human migration is a fact of evolution. It has always occurred and will continue until the last person standing. Those who wish to erect barriers are just spitting into the wind.

              Tribalism, nationalism, racism, elitism, … whatever excuse is used for people who just refuse to get along, you are dinosaurs who will not be appreciated by history. Too bad human nature seems too full of greed and pride, too short of empathy and respect for us to have a peaceful world here and now.

            12. I like how you sound so humanitarian and all that when you still have no clue about what really goes on in Hawaii. You’re just silly haole to me. I’m not leaving my beautiful tropical islands just so I can live in a cold frozen wasteland that is apparently the “free and civilized world”. Hawaii is my home and Donald Dump isn’t going to change that no matter how hard you white people want it to be.

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            18. “You are a citizen of a terrorist nation and I have read up on the Hawaiin Kingdom. It’s all done and dusted, you’ve been a state of the that nation since 1959. That’s from wiki, you don’t like it take it up with them.” You said this, I wasn’t putting words in your mouth. The Kingdom of Hawaii is a kingdom-in-exile, end of story.

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          2. What a depressingly sad collection of brainwashed and absurd comments. Please stop watching Macho Redcow– oooops I mean Rachel Maddow– and learn to think and analyze for yourself some real unbiased news rather than spoon fed opinions poured into your vacuous skull cavity. Try Swiss news sources. They don’t take sides in coverage of American political events. They don’t have any dog in your fights.

            1. Sure…use Rachel Maddow as your sole example and then use the ‘label and disparage’ tactic. That exemplifies the rampant bias on this forum. There are plenty of examples of extremist reporting on both ends of the political spectrum. Until you recognize that fact, you will remain a tool of the system. I am going to look into what the Swiss news has to say about all of this…it would be really humorous if they learn more towards the left than the right and destroy your theory that people who “’t take sides in coverage of American political events” would agree with you.

              I am highly disappointed in you and people like you who pretend to be a rational, reasonable person, but are far from it in truth. The sad thing is, you probably believe that you are absolutely right. Politics as religion…

      2. Okay RW, I never bothered you on this before. 55% of us vehemently oppose what you say this country has become. And it THIS country that made us think this way.

        So I implore you, in the name of decency, either sharpen your pencil ornarrow your brush. Please.

        1. Thanks for the post applecynic, and it’s no bother. Your nation’s leader is not based on the popular vote, it’s based on some electoral set up, but I appreciate the insight. My comments are not directed to the many fine citizens of your terrorist nation but rather to the government of it.

          In the name of decency I’m going to continue my barrage, because more and more people are waking up and realizing that hey, your country is a terrorist nation. That’s a big improvement, realizing there is a situation is often the first step to changing it.

          Maybe you should look at what you could to in the name of decency and fix the situation internally. Or hey, come on over to the free and civilized world, where the Declaration of Human Rights are more than just words but actions to live by.

          1. By all means point out our moral deficiencies. Some of us actually agree with you that the self professed leader of the free world ought to act like it. But to equate all of us as if we are a singular cookie cutter individual is neither honest, but worse, not productive.

            Continue your diligent opposition. Hopefully it’s a constructive one.

            1. I’ve said it many times, there are great people from Apple’s home nation and there are moral efficiencies to point out as well, but what your nation is doing and has done on the world stage since the shrub president is absolutely abysmal. I’m glad people are finally waking up. It’s a call to action, not for the security of any one nation but for the security of humanity.

  2. Speculation. Trump isn’t in the driver’s seat either. Congress is tied in knots trying to figure out its health care (insurance industry welfare) fiasco. Tax reform is months, if not years, away. Meanwhile Apple generates enough cash in the USA to buy back more stock anytime it wants. For whatever reason, Apple seems to think that now is not a good time to buy stock. Perhaps they are waiting for the next downturn, which is bound to come under the reckless turmoil of the current administration.

    1. 1. The article assumes that Mr. Trump has more power than he actually does. The Executive Branch does not make tax law. The Legislative Branch does that. The Republican majorities in both the House and Senate may have very different notions of tax policy than the President. He can’t just unilaterally negotiate a change in the tax codes.

      2. Tax laws are supposed to be statutes of general applicability. The rules on repatriation currently apply across the board to all U.S.-based corporations with offshore cash, of which Apple is just the richest. Is the article suggesting that changes could be adopted after negotiations between the White House and Apple that would only apply to that one taxpayer? Loopholes that only apply to a single company or industry already exist, of course, but they are a major source of the complexity in our tax laws that Republican legislators are committed to eliminate.

  3. not interested in political fight.

    Just want to point out economic facts:

    1) this tax doesn’t just affect Apple but all other companies with cash overseas. So other companies are going to fight for it as well.

    The US govt. has already defended Apple in the EU tax case as the Govt. wants the cash back in the USA (for various reasons including tax).

    2) Many countries have lower reparation rates than USA now.
    Just smart to move money EARNED OVERSEAS back to the homeland. Even if distributed to shareholders it would be mostly to the home country’s people — and shareholders can invest or spend it etc. Best case scenario is if the companies invest it in building factories etc. (No tax break and companies will just let it sit or use the cash overseas building stuff THERE).

    To get away from the Tax mess some companies have already moved their HQ overseas like Burger King. (Note two thirds of Apple’s profits are from international sales).

    Too many good reasons to encourage companies to bring back cash at a reasonable rate.

  4. What does this discourse have to do with the posted article? If MDN’s readers stopped clicking on posts that have nothing to do the pieces that are listed on this site then maybe we could get back to what this site is supposed to be about, which is Mac related news.

    Likewise when MDN posts inflammatory pieces then just ignore them for what they are…”clickbait”.

    1. discourse is the perfect word

      but the addition of a hyphen, as in dis-course, would be even better and denote how that the preceding rants have gone….

      …..”off course”…. into political tirades. this is really getting tiresome. this once informative site is getting dragged down into political diatribes that often end up far from the topic initially at hand.

      and the star ratings that react to the core of the rants in this thread seem to indicate i am far from the only one growing weary of this politicization.

      give it a rest you guys.

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