What President Trump could do to lift Apple shares to $175

“Happy quadruple-witching St. Patrick’s Day,” Barbara Kollmeyer writes for MarketWatch. “Now that’s something you don’t you get to say too often.”

“It’s been a busy week for POTUS — who has taken a lot of heat over the updated travel ban and his budget — and Friday’s G-20 meeting could bring him more flak on trade. Watch currencies as the U.S. side has been complaining over China and the euro,” Kollmeyer writes. “That brings us to our call of the day, which lays out one reason why you may want to raise a Guinness to President No. 45.”

U.S. President Donald Trump
U.S. President Donald Trump
“Andy Hargreaves and the team at Pacific Crest have just raised their bull-case estimate on Apple to $175 per share. They base that on a key campaign promise of President Donald Trump,” Kollmeyer reports. “Last year, Trump floated the idea of a repatriation tax holiday for corporations, meaning they could bring cash held overseas back home without a huge penalty. Should that become a reality, Pacific Crest analysts see Apple boosting its domestic cash balance by $204 billion to $220 billion.”

“Apple’s current dividend per share of $2.28 could easily double to around $4.56, said Pacific Crest. A higher dividend payout would help support shares,” Kollmeyer reports. “And this would help drive Apple to $175 per share…”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote last September:

Let’s not do another “one-time-only” (smirk) repatriation holiday. Let’s fix the broken U.S. corporate tax code instead. Let us eschew the easy way out, that fixes nothing in the long run, and choose to do the hard work instead.

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      1. International law? Exactly what specific “international law” is he violating? And even if he was, can you show me the part of the Constitution where it describes violation of an “international law on travel bans” is grounds for impeachment? Do you have any idea what the claims in the court case are based on? Clue: It has nothing to do with whether or not a President can take such an action because he can. If the court decides it’s based on religion then it wouldn’t be legal.

        I bet you would have trouble coming up with another comment as ignorant and unfounded as the one you just made.

        I hate stupid regardless of the politics of the stupid person.

  1. Apple will be one of the biggest beneficiaries of more reasonable corporate tax rates. Hopefully that happens, because lower rates are already “baked into” the current stock prices, including that of Apple.

    1. Tax reform is needed, but the economic effect of slashing corporate tax rates will do nothing to juice the economy. No corporations pay the punlshed tax rate today thanks to the special interest loopholes inserted into federal law by armies of corporate lobbyists and their puppets in Congress.

      If the republican led congress ever finishes screwing over the low income healthcare users and begin dismantling the tax code in favor of the richest wealth hoarders on the planet (corporations), then federal income will drop, the USA will have to issue more debt (treasury bonds) in order not to become a deadbeat nation. But with the debt soaring, just like Reagan’s trickle down did, the economy will tank, the value of the dollar will decline, and it will be harder to pay off 3 generations of accumulated debt. Modern Rome will continue to lose its economic vitality.

      You want a healthy economy, then stop giving corporate welfare to established multinational corporations. Level the playing field and give incentives for Amercans to start new businesses. And make it easier for small businesses to hire people from anywhere they want. In case you’re not aware, the number of Americans who have phds is tiny compared to the hardworking immigrants who are willing to put in the work to be the world’s experts in cutting edge technologies. Give them green cards with their diplomas and low cost loans to start new companies in America.

  2. There is 3 trillion $ out there to repatriate. If there were a window created to bring in one third of that, it would be a huge stimulus to our economy, even if it all was mostly sucked up by the wealthy. If he can create some agreed upon stipulations as to use of that money(building business inside the US), then the idea could be successful and to me is worth trying. If not, it was just another temporary window. It’s the quickest and easiest way to get a stimulus. Wealth is from the top down, but the wealthy are hoarding out of fear instead of investing. Don’t see a negative effect, except that some companies are going to cry fowl if they are below the cut-off for the tax break.

    1. Presidency.
      House – huge margin.
      Senate – soon to be huge margin.
      Governorships – 34.
      Statehouse seats – gained 1168 gained while Obama in power.
      Statehouse control (Governor and both Statehouses) – 29.
      Supreme Court – soon to be domination.
      Lower Courts – soon to be domination.

      1. A contrarian approach does not just apply to stock markets – it also applies to politics. There are always plenty of government actions (or lack of actions) that irritate some subset of the citizens. The party in power tends to receive the majority of the blame. That is why the leadership in this country tends to shift back and forth between the major parties every two, three, four, six, and eight years (House, President, and Senate). Eventually, enough policies are enacted and enough promises are broken to make people seek change…any change.

        Even the ardent gerrymandering enacted by the Republican Party in the state of Texas will only last so long in helping to maintain the power gained in the late 1990s. So revel in your little piece of political heaven while you can because the GOP is set to be hammered by a series of issues and failed promises (or kept promises that backfire) over the next four years. The result could be very ugly for this country and for the GOP politicians presiding during that period. We will see if you are still so giddy after the midterm Congressional elections…

        For my part, I do not like either major party, both of which have become polarized over the past couple of decades. And the repetitive flip-flop resulting from the partisan distrust and gridlock is damaging this country and its relationship with the rest of the world. You may gloat at your perceived victory, but all I see is a temporary swing of the pendulum to the other extreme. In this cases, it is a swing to the alt-right that looks to be particularly damaging to the future of this country and its citizens.

    2. I agree. And hell has more than enough room for all the hapless democrats as well.

      The average American isn’t represented by either corrupt political party. Neither one stands up for small businesses, for balanced budgets, or for domestic investment in repairing the crumbling infrastructure.

      1. In general, I concur with your assessment that neither party is truly focused on the welfare of this country or its citizens. They are both more concerned with power and money.

        However, I would not equate the two parties as “equally evil” at this particular point in time. The Democrats are currently superior in terms of following established scientific theory and data, provide greater support for the environment, and understand that the wealthy can still remain wealthy while being reasonably taxed. They also understand that government policies that increase the concentration of wealth at the top destroys jobs and is inherently bad for this country and that a reasonable amount of regulation is required to counterbalance the greed and corruption that naturally forms in the free enterprise system.

    1. How do you figure? With India and China growing with an emerging middle class, while the USA’s middle class slowly slides into poverty, why are you surprised that all corporations are making the vast majority of their retail, tech center, and manufacturing investments overseas? US tax rate could be zero (and it already practically is for many businesses), and still corporations would be focusing on emerging markets while ignoring mature and saturated markets like the USA.

  3. the better question is

    WHAT CAN TIM COOK DO to raise the value of apple stock. that is part of his job, not the presidents.

    although in all fairness to cook, the stock is worth about $1K per share based on pre 7 for 1 split valuations – which ain’t shabby.but it could be even better if they would get back to updating and supporting their full suite of products by actively advertising them effectively

    1. Actually, it isn’t Cooks job to maximize stock price. His job is to manage Apple to fulfill the charter of the corporation as guided by the board of directors. None of those directors wants Apple to make short term decisions to manage stock price. Some of them are more interested in global expansion and investment in the company future.

      With all the cash Apple has sitting overseas, Cook doesn’t need investors at all. He’s happy to let Wall Street speculators pump and dump AAPL. He’s working to cut them out by buying back shares in the dips. Of course Wall Street is happy too because it removes small investors as Cook’s purchases pumps up stock prices. Situation normal and everyone is distracted while Cook lets Ive design books and Christmas trees.

      Unfortunately, the Apple BOD has given Cook too much rope. Longtime people who depended on the Mac are seeing a dismal future. By inheriting a money printing iOS app store, Cook has the board convinced that he is a good manager. He is not. He’s behind the competition at every turn. He claims services are the future while selling the worst value services today. Hardware is an embarrassment. Ive ruined the tech advantages Apple once had in hardware design and GUI. Cook has allowed Apple’s best products to fall behind and is pushing Apple to be an Ahrendts boutique of tech fashion accessories rather than a tech leader. That spells long term decline. If someone doesn’t turn around the Mac platform immediately, Apple will truly decline into just the iPhone company. When that happens, Cook will buy back more outstanding AAPL shares and cash in a few million of his own to purchase a few private islands.

      The BOD should be planning a cleanup of Apple executives and refocus Apple as an accessible computing company that offers superior value products in all markets, not just iPhone. Give education, business, and power user a reason to believe Apple cares more about the health of the Apple user base than they do about Cook’s personal retirement hoard.

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