Apple’s Siri has a huge language advantage

“We live on an international planet. Trade takes place across borders and between countries,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “We speak different languages, and international language support is one of Apple’s biggest Siri advantages.”

“Google Assistant and Alexa speak hardly any languages in comparison to the twenty Siri supports. Microsoft’s Cortana speaks just nine,” Evans writes. “Mobile World Congress 2017 is full of vendors introducing new devices equipped with digital assistants, but they are still confined to the languages supported by the main vendor, Google… This inconvenient truth means that for all the hype, the only markets that can access the full potential of these technologies are English and German-speaking ones.”

“In tangible terms, this means that while you can use an Amazon Echo to remind you to get things for your fridge, you need to speak English or German to do so,” Evans writes. “In contrast, you can already use Siri on an Apple Watch to create a reminder in over twenty languages. You can even use Chinese.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s become de rigeur for many people to bash Siri, but Siri is actually leagues ahead of the Siri knockoffs – plus only Siri respects users’ privacy. The sundry Siri knockoffs are personal data vampires.

A list of languages supported by Siri are here.


    1. The problem for me is that I use both Polish and English in iOS. Often I’ll use Siri and speak English (or Polish) but the opposite keyboard is selected and it’ll come out garbled. Too bad Siri can’t tell the difference!

  1. Yes but only Siri can give you directions to the wrong location in a town 1,000 miles away on a consistent basis.

    Nothing like being in Memphis and asking for directions to ____ ‘near me’ and getting directions to said establishment in Buffalo, Denver, Austin and Portland. To err is Alexa, But to truly screw up requires Siri.

  2. international language support is one of Apple’s biggest Siri advantages

    That’s nice. But when Siri can’t do things possible with Apple’s old and redundant PlainTalk system, We’re going backwards, not forwards.

    AI = Artificial Intelligence = Still No Such Thing, much as we keep trying.

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