Which internet-only TV service is best for Apple device users?

“People truly wanting to cut the cord now have three major internet TV services to choose from: Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and DirecTV Now,” Roger Fingas writes for AppleInsider. “All of them support iOS devices and the Apple TV, among other platforms — [to] which one, if any, should you consider subscribing?”

“At the moment PlayStation Vue seems to be the best overall choice, especially because of its DVR support,” Fingas writes. “Sling may still be worth checking out as the cheapest option, especially once it adds recording. DirecTV Now is best avoided unless it comes through in personal testing.”

Fingas writes, “Apple’s once-rumored service appears to have been stymied by negotiations, so don’t expect that anytime soon, if ever.”

Much more, with each service’s pros and cons detailed, in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: PlayStation Vue’s biggest problem is its name. It sounds like a gaming service, but it’s not.

Okay, cord-cutters, how are you doing it?

The ultimate cable television cord cutting solution for Apple TV owners – February 17, 2017


  1. Only TV we have is my homemade “digital” antenna made from #14 house wire and PVC pipe stuck in the ground on my place in the woods. Get 10 HD channels. Of course, all broadcast went digital a few years ago, but there is not such thing as a “digital” antenna. Plain old wire gets reception… Internet is what we cannot do without. Forget TV.

  2. DIRECTV Now pre-paid 3 months when it first came out and got a free Gen-4 AppleTV. Doubt I’ll keep the service after the 3 months. Considering dropping Netflix too. Getting tired of the stale collection.

  3. Of the three, SlingTV, DTVnow, and PSVue, I’ve tried two, SlingTV and PSVue. Both are good, but PSVue allows 5 simultaneous streams, while SlingTV only allows 3, and only 1 if watching ESPN. DTVnow only allows 1 stream at a time. Since I’ve got 6 TVs in the house, many of them Roku, which doesn’t get DTVnow, yet, I think it’s a no-brainer, PSVue’s 5 streams make it the best choice for me.

    I also have an antenna on the roof for broadcast channels, and an Elgato EyeTV which has recorded over 1000 movies and TV programs, which stream over iTunes to my Apple TVs, and I’m pretty much set. No cable tv anymore.

  4. DirectTV now from day 1… yea it has some glitches; too many streams is the big one, but hitting the menu button ALWAYS fixes it. I hope they get single sign-on and it shows up as a provider for TBS, USA etc etc.

    Had SlingTV for 9 months. Liked it as well – prefer the programming a bit more; MotorsTV and a better selection of news. What I didn’t like was the Campus insiders channels hogging up the menu.. the interface is simple and easy, but $20 more for essentially the same thing ..

    Vue was a disaster – between signup, cancellation, Sony hacks…

    To supplement DTvN I also have local HD basic from my cable provider (included with 1G internet service – also uses the tuner in the TV so no rental box)

    Overall 8/10 for cuttting

    Should say my monthly usage is about 3TB per month. Which is well below the limit.

    1. While Ale-cart sounds good, I think that as a first step to an “à la carte” plan might be to have a rethink in packages. True à la carte would be perfect, but this may be doable first.

      A package is priced according to negotiations.
      Package 1: Discovery networks (Science, Discovery, Velocity etc)
      Package 2: ESPN Inc. (ESPN, ESPN2, SEC Network, etc)
      Package 3: MTV Networks (MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, BET, etc)
      Package 4: Hallmark and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
      Package 5: NBC Universal Cable (Syfy, USA, E!, Bravo, etc.)
      Package 6: Turner Broadcasting (CNN, TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, etc.)

      You just group any of many packages to get the channels you want. You only want one package, you want three or eight or all…then that is all you get. You might get more than you really want, but at least you are not paying for 159/276/350 channels on a cable/satellite package.

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