Free ‘Data Selfie’ tool reveals how creepy Facebook tracks and studies your activity

“Have you ever wondered how Facebook collects all the data it has to feed you with the content it presumes you’ll like and keep you coming back for more? Well, now there’s an app that can answer these questions,” MIX reports for TNW.

“Available for free, Data Selfie is an open-source Chrome extension that helps you discover how machine learning algorithms track and process your Facebook activity, and gain insights about your personality and habits,” MIX reports. “Data Selfie essentially tracks your activity – what you look at, how long you look at it, what you like, what you click and what you type – and then applies natural language processing and machine learning algorithms from IBM Watson and the University of Cambridge to turn this data into insight.”

“In addition to this, the Data Selfie dashboard also includes insight into what posts you’ve spent most time on – both for friends and liked pages,” MIX reports. “In a creepily fascinating way, the extension also uses predictive analytics to guess stuff like your political affiliations as well as shopping and nutrition preferences.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What Data Selfie reveals may be shocking to some, but, of course, those who care about their privacy, don’t use Faceplant anyway.


  1. if you don’t think Apple isn’t tracking everything you do with their devices, you are an idiot. Sure, they aren’t selling anything to the highest bidder, but thats because they are the highest bidder.

    They are using the data for their own purposes.

    1. You’re right, Apple doesn’t seell to the highest bidder.
      When Apple tracks data anonymously, such as program crashes to find bugs and Apple Map data to track detours & traffic jams, it is for my benifit.

    2. You will voted down, mostly to your combative tone. However your correct in that Apple is collecting data and analyzing it. They may not be to the extent of Google and Facebook. Also not selling that info. It’s an advantage of not being dependent on ad revenue. It might not be as evil, however don’t think Apple doesn’t have a lot of information on you. As a side note, the NSA, and other governments have a lot of the same info to. The difference is Apple, Google, and Facebook can’t arrest you and take your property.

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