San Francisco loses Apple’s developer conference to San Jose

“Apple announced Thursday its annual developer conference will be held in San Jose this year after a 13-year run in San Francisco,” Wendy Lee reports for The San Francisco Chronicle.

“The four-day event, which draws thousands of developers globally, will be held June 5-9 at McEnery Convention Center in San Jose,” Lee reports. “The last time it was held in San Jose was in 2002.”

“Moving the conference to San Jose will place developers in closer proximity to Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino,” Lee reports. “Apple follows other tech companies moving their annual developer conferences out of San Francisco. Facebook announced that its annual developer event, F8, will also be held at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose in April… Google moved its developer conference, I/O, to Mountain View last year, after holding it for years at the Moscone Center.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Things will be a lot easier and more convenient for both Apple and attendees with WWDC being held in San Jose.

Apple’s WWDC returns to San Jose, runs June 5-9, 2017 – February 16, 2017


  1. Apple was tired of having to walk over homeless people, the sight of them taking dumps on the streets, and the lovely stench of urine everywhere.

    That’s the real reason.

    1. But, San Francisco, represented by Nancy Pelosi, is so progressive! Everyone is welcome (to take a dump or do pretty much anything else in public)! SANCTUARY FROM THE LAW AND FROM MORALS FOR ALL!

    2. Come on Jambro…..try not to confuse people with the truth…..

      Who among us doesn’t enjoy stepping over a fresh “steamer” on the sidewalk while going to the Convention Center……

      1. If you think you are impressing anyone by spreading falsehoods, you’re wrong. Take 5 minutes of research and you would learn that the overblown partisan fear mongering that you have been consuming is rotting your brain. Neither Chicago nor SanFran are in the top 10 of major US cities in murder rate and nowhere near the worst cities in the world.

        What does this have to do with Macs anyway? I thought this was Mac Daily News.

    1. FINALLY! someone who really reads and comments on something of substance! Thank you for breaking the vitriol

      I will take a moment to reconsider never coming here again !-)

      GOT A CHUCLE!!!

  2. “San Francisco … nowhere near the worst cities in the world.” Ok, not a high bar but I can agree. Mosul and Aleppo are probably worse. I remember showing out of town friends around where I worked downtown when their young daughter asked, “how come the dog poo smells so bad here?”

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