What’s next for Apple Watch? Potential major improvements

“Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 both address a major flaw of the first-generation model with significant speed improvements, and all Apple Watches benefit from a performance boost and a simpler interface with watchOS 3,” Zac Hall writes for 9to5Mac. “So what’s next for Apple Watch and watchOS this year?”

“A supply chain report out of Asia earlier this year claimed Apple is planning to introduce a third-generation Apple Watch later this fall with a focus on improved battery life,” Hall writes. “Apple Watch Series 2 owners will be quick to tell you battery life has improved since the first-gen model, however, so improving battery efficiency could be used for a number of things other than extending battery life.”

“Some version of an always-on display is my most wanted feature,” Hall writes. “Apple’s raise-to-wake wrist detection works well, but showing the static time without animations or the rest of the watch face would both be a cool effect and a practical improvement. Further emphasizing the health tracking space, built-in sleep tracking remains a major opportunity for Apple Watch today…”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Cellular connectivity would be useful for runners out on the road with only their Apple Watches, not only for phone calls, but for streaming Apple Music. We’d also like to see a built-in camera for snapping a quick shot and also for FaceTime calls.


    1. WOW, Using your advice Apple would have missed out on how many BILLION in Apple Watch Sales?

      Buy one wear it for 29 days then your CHEAP #$@% can take it back so you can go back to your TIMEX your grandmother gave you when you were 9. Then I would have a little respect for what you .

    2. Yeah, unless APPLE ups its game, it will never be able to compete against the Microsoft watch Band and Zune combo being offered on AMAZON.

      The Apple Watch is doomed.

      Give it up APPLE. Game over.

  1. On demand display is perfect for so many environments. Why waste battery life when you are not looking at the watch?
    Cellular? Too much battery required with to days tech , unless you could turn it off ( which we won’t)

    There is already a camera add on.

    Why streaming when you have 8 gig just sitting there that’s a lot of music for your marathon.

  2. Would love to have a cell radio in my WATCH – but I don’t want to have to pay for separate service for my WATCH. The only way I can see making that work, is if the Telcos allow multiple devices to use the sample number / plan. I’m sure Apple could figure out a way to make only 1 radio active at a time – when attached to BT the WATCH cell radio shuts down (eliminates dual usage and improves battery life) so only your iPhone cell radio would be active. When deattached from BT the WATCH radio would be active, while the iPhone radio would go to sleep.

    Apple would have to make the innovation here – because the Telecos sure aren’t going to allow 2 devices being used at the same time – further crushing their bandwidth.

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