President Trump and Intel CEO announce $7 billion investment in next-gen semiconductor fab in Arizona; will create more than 10,000 jobs

Intel Corporation today announced plans to invest more than $7 billion to complete Fab 42, which is expected to be the most advanced semiconductor factory in the world. The high-volume factory is in Chandler, Ariz., and is targeted to use the 7 nanometer manufacturing process. It will produce microprocessors to power data centers and hundreds of millions of smart and connected devices worldwide. The announcement was made by U.S. President Donald Trump and Intel CEO Brian Krzanich at the White House.

The completion of Fab 42 in 3 to 4 years will directly create approximately 3,000 high-tech, high-wage Intel jobs for process engineers, equipment technicians, and facilities-support engineers and technicians who will work at the site. Combined with the indirect impact on businesses that will help support the factory’s operations, Fab 42 is expected to create more than 10,000 total long-term jobs in Arizona.

Context for the investment was outlined in an e-mail from Intel’s CEO to employees.

“Intel’s business continues to grow and investment in manufacturing capacity and R&D ensures that the pace of Moore’s law continues to march on, fueling technology innovations the world loves and depends on,” said Krzanich. “This factory will help the U.S. maintain its position as the global leader in the semiconductor industry.”

Intel Corporation on Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2017, announced plans to invest more than $7 billion to complete Fab 42. On completion, Fab 42 in Chandler, Ariz., is expected to be the most advanced semiconductor factory in the world. (Credit: Intel Corporation)
Intel Corporation on Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2017, announced plans to invest more than $7 billion to complete Fab 42. On completion, Fab 42 in Chandler, Ariz., is expected to be the most advanced semiconductor factory in the world. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

“Intel is a global manufacturing and technology company, yet we think of ourselves as a leading American innovation enterprise,” Krzanich added. “America has a unique combination of talent, a vibrant business environment and access to global markets, which has enabled U.S. companies like Intel to foster economic growth and innovation. Our factories support jobs — high-wage, high-tech manufacturing jobs that are the economic engines of the states where they are located.”

The 7 nm semiconductor manufacturing process targeted for Fab 42 will be the most advanced semiconductor process technology used in the world and represents the future of Moore’s Law. In 1968 Intel co-founder Gordon Moore predicted that computing power will become significantly more capable and yet cost less year after year.

The chips made on the 7 nm process will power the most sophisticated computers, data centers, sensors and other high-tech devices, and enable things like artificial intelligence, more advanced cars and transportation services, breakthroughs in medical research and treatment, and more. These are areas that depend upon having the highest amount of computing power, access to the fastest networks, the most data storage, the smallest chip sizes, and other benefits that come from advancing Moore’s Law.

Source: Intel Corporation

MacDailyNews Take: Whoa, 7nm! Think faster speeds but with significantly less power consumption! Moore’s Law has plenty of life in it yet!

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    1. Hey partisan hack, construction on Fab 42 started in 2011. President Obama visited in 2012. Intel is just retooling for next gen chips. Trump did nothing at all.

      Why do the usual assholes on MDN turn everything into a political pissing match?

        1. Mad? Hell no. If he’s anything like me he’e just laughing at the ignorance of yet another non-business person who thinks that these deals come together in weeks or a few months. Trump had nothing to do with Intel’s project other than to host a meeting of tech execs to ask “what projects are you working on that I can take credit for…” and then making todays “announcement”… More fake news for fools.

        2. Botty & First,Then…

          I know you’re just taunting the rest of the posters here with extremist posts, but unfortunately most don’t understand that.

          I do believe you two *DO* understand that this expansion/upgrade was in place long before the election and in development years ago. No one is as naïve as you pretend to be. Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me if both of you voted for Hillary in the general election and for Bernie in the primaries! You both just like to stir things up.

      1. “Democrats are hypocrites, they pretend to have morals and values that they really don’t possess. Behind closed doors they lie, insult, criticize, abuse and disrespect. They can do whatever they want, but how dare you say or do anything back to them or criticize them. They have a whole set of rules for others but follow none of their own rules and they practice nothing of what they preach.”

        Abraham Lincoln

        1. lol I love it, libtards downvoting the wisdom of five great Americans, three of which are depicted on Mount Rushmore.

          …and then you have the audacity to whine about losing The White House, The Senate, The House, The Supreme Court, The Governorships and the State Houses…keep talkin’, punks.

        2. “Let us consider that we are all partially insane. It will explain us to each other, it will unriddle many riddles, it will make clear and simple many things which are involved in haunting and harassing difficulties and obscurities now.

          That is a simple rule, and easy to remember. When I, a thoughtful and unbiased Presbyterian, examine the Koran, I know that beyond any question every Mohammedan is insane; not in all things, but in religious matters. When a thoughtful and unbiased Mohammedan examines the Westminster Catechism, he knows that beyond any question I am spiritually insane. I cannot prove to him that he is insane, because you never can prove anything to a lunatic–for that is part of his insanity and the evidence of it. He cannot prove to me that I am insane, for my mind has the same defect that afflicts his. All democrats are insane, but not one of them knows it; none but the republicans and mugwumps know it. All the republicans are insane, but only thee democrats and mugwumps can perceive it. The rule is perfect; in all matters of opinion our adversaries are insane. When I look around me I am often troubled to see how many people are mad.

          This should move us to be charitable toward one anothers lunacies.”

          ― Mark Twain

    1. The news sounds truly great. There is only one minor potential problem with it: since Trump said it, the likelihood that is is not true is about 80%.

      During the campaign, as well as since, Trump has been proven to say things that are not just false, but very easily provable as false (“murder rate in US is highest in 45 years!”; “inauguration attendance was biggest in history!” “Unemployment rate is higher than ever!”, etc). He called it “truthful hyperbole”, his advisor called it “alternative facts”, and the rest of the world calls it falsehoods, or lies (the only distinction being that a falsehood may not be intentional, whereas lie is intentional).

      1. Instead of total bulls**t, this is only mostly bulls**t from Trump this time.

        Fab 42 was actually built in 2011 and was intended to come on line for PC chip production in 2014 but was never fully fit out and has been sitting unused, mainly because Intel did not anticipate the decline in PCs and PC class chips and they have had overcapacity.

        I guess with 7nm process they think they finally can get marketshare in mobile class chips. I assume once this fab comes on line they will shut down one of their older plants, but that won’t be tweeted by Trump when it happens.

        I don’t think you will find anyone who is angry about an American company increasing employment. This is absolutely a good thing.

        However, correlation is not causation, and just because Intel are finally ready to utilize an already built facility now that Trump is in office is not automatically something to give Trump credit for. He is taking credit for a lot of stuff that would happen whether he is president or not.

        Anyone who thinks that it is a good thing for the country that private companies now have to suck up to the President and stroke his toddler ego or get attacked on Twitter is a moron.

  1. Well, another 113 factories like that, and Trump will exceed the job-creation total for the past eight years (net sum of 11.3 million new jobs, data coming form Federal Reserve Economic Data).

    If he does that, he will have no problem getting reelected. Let us see.

      1. Reelected? He’ll barely finish 18 months before the dirty work is done, but Trump will the shoulder the blame for all the chaos. Pence, who the ultra conservatives really wanted to begin with will come in to take over to “restore order”.

        You’ve been totally played. Hope you enjoy theocracy, you’ll be living in one. LOL

  2. And let me guess…. we’re just supposed to believe that Intel has made this decision to spend SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS in just a few weeks of DJT being president, right ?

    Well if you believe that, I’ve got some land and a bridge to sell you.

    Corporate decisions to spend that kind of cash takes many months if not years to research. The land search alone would take quite some time.

  3. Does this include the thousands of people who will LOSE their jobs when the older fabs are shut down. And the 7,000 jobs that aren’t in the fabs? They are already on payrolls somewhere. Like a lot of Trump announcements, this is mostly hot air.

  4. First of all, there is NO WAY that trumb being President resulted in this decision. No way. No cause and effect. Intel and other major first do NOT make decisions as fast as a dysfunctional twitter fan. Of course the delusional ones, worshipping their triple comb-over false god, want to believe he caused this. So regardless of whether this is a net gain of jobs in the USA, Trump is not in any way responsible for it happening.

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