Apple to double size of Fifth Avenue flagship store

“Apple is going really big in Manhattan,” Marianne Wilson reports for Chain Store Age.

“The retailer is expanding its flagship at the General Motors building on Fifth Avenue from its current 32,000-sq.-ft. to over 77,000 sq. ft.,” Wilson reports. “While the store is undergoing the expansion, Apple has temporarily moved into a space in the building that was formerly occupied by FAO Schwarz.”

After Apple moves into their new flagship, Wilson reports, “the former FAO Schwarz store is due to be transformed into an Under Armour flagship.”

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“We learned earlier this month that Apple would be temporarily relocating its iconic glass cube store on New York’s Fifth Avenue in order to carry out refurbishments,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac. “The temporary store is now open, and we’ve now be able to see what the interior looks like.”

Apple Fifth Avenue
Apple Fifth Avenue

“Pingie has a set of photos showing the rather less glamorous exterior and a somewhat more basic interior, with an unfinished concrete floor,” Lovejoy reports. “Apple reportedly argued that the value of the property had been boosted by the presence of its flagship store, turning the location into something of a tourist attraction, and that it shouldn’t have to pay for the impact of its own presence. It was that same boost in rent that drove FAO Schwarz out.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The landmark is set to become even landmarkier!

This does bring to mind the bittersweet memory of the last Fifth Avenue renovation: Steve Jobs’ replacement of the glass in his patented glass cube to reduce the number of panes from 90 panes to 15 in 2011.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “citymark” for the heads up.]


  1. A major unanticipated nd detrimental problem with the Apple 5th Ave Store is its proximity to agent orance’s Trump tower which is killing ALL Manhattan merchant’s retail traffic in the area, due to baricades, traffic (pedestrian and transportation) congestion, parkiing restrictions and mass policing (federal and local) of the area.

    New York City hates Trump who is costing it a fortune in security and killing its biggest, highest rent real estate rental and tourist /retail destination.

    1. And the problem won’t go away with Trump leaving office (whenever that happens). If he returns to live there, his Secret Service detail (and all the related protection) will stay with him.

      This may end up being worse than the Second Avenue Subway construction mess (which is, mercifully, finally over).

    2. Although there may be a bit of a reprieve once his wife and child move to D.C. (if they ever do it). With the family being physically away, security can be relaxed a bit. Until he leaves office and moves back…

      1. You are presuming that he will leave office. What if he doesn’t want to? Who or what could evict him? So far, I see mainly cowardice at the Capitol, and little more than lip service to the Constitution. We live in interesting times.

    3. Enjoy yourself, snowflake:

      President – Trump.

      House – Massive Margin.

      Senate – Soon to be Massive Margin.

      Supreme Court – Soon to be domination.

      Governors – You have 17!

      Statehouse Seats – You lost about 1,100 during Obama’s two terms.

      But don’t worry, you have the rioters and the demonstrators. You are good there.

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