The Apple Watch ‘WOW’ moment

“Fitness is fantastic but there’s one thing Apple Watch does that really feels like magic,” Rene Ritchie writes for iMore.

“‘How do you want to pay for that?’ ‘VISA.’ Tap. Beep,” Ritchie writes. “‘Wow, that’s amazing. Is that your watch?’ Smile. ‘Boarding pass?’ ‘On my watch!’ Scan.’Wow, that’s incredible! Apple Watch?’ Nod. ‘Here’s your coffee!’ Scan.’Wow! I’ve gotta get one of those!.’ ‘Want me to pay for gas?’ ‘Nah, I got it.’ Tap. ‘What is that, magic?'”

“Long before Watch was even announced, I began to wonder about what I’d want from Apple on my wrist. Convenience was my killer feature. If Watch could save me from having to reach for my phone in order to do a few important, frequent, yet simple things, it’d be the equivalent of my phone letting me leave the house without my computer,” Ritchie writes.But convenience is a hard feature to demo in the wild.”

Apple Watch Series 2 with built-in GPS and water resistance to 50 meters
Apple Watch Series 2 with built-in GPS and water resistance to 50 meters

“Then, over the last few weeks, something started happening,” Ritchie writes.I went to to Apple Pay for lunch at a local restaurant and instead of the man saying ‘Wow!’, the man behind the counter held up his own Apple Watch. Instead of the woman at Air Canada gate being shocked when I scanned my boarding pass, she held up her Watch to show me she’d just gotten one too. Instead of the guy at the Starbucks drive through thinking my Apple Watch was cool, as he reached out to scan my digital card, I saw he was wearing one of his own.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yup. It took awhile (these things always do; we were pretty much the only ones we knew with iPhones for about two years; same thing with iPod) and it’s still the early swell of the wave, but as we wrote of Apple Watch over two years ago:

Apple Pay alone will sell the device. — MacDailyNews, December 30, 2014

And that’s exactly what’s happening today.


  1. ApplyPay, notification and messaging, activity monitoring.. …… AppleTV remote set as complication on face! Simply fantastic… and there is so much more… and so much more potential!
    Love my AppleWatch.

    P.s. And it shows the time too…

  2. I haven’t yet gotten into the habit of using my watch for Apple Pay. Interested to see how convenient it really will make payments. Biggest use case I’ve found for the watch, so far, is based in conveniences. Notifications, messaging and even phone calls have been what I’ve been using the watch for. Eventually I’ll probably be adding Apple Pay.

    1. As convenient as double tapping the home button. I spend more time answering questions about how I just did that than I do paying for stuff. I just want more places to accept it. It’s increasing as vendors roll out the chip readers that sometimes accept Apple Pay as well but I’m yet to find a gas pump that takes it. That would be priceless.

      1. Rettogo,
        Actually I am finding lots of places accept it, they just do not know that they do. Two places I shop have new chip card sales units. I asked if I could try apple pay… They looked bewildered but the unit beeped and I paid with my watch.
        They did not TURN ON apple pay, but they did NOT TURN it OFF either. So it just works. GREAT!!

  3. For me Apple Pay is the biggest draw…..especially with the chipped CC terminals……they SUCK…..with the Watch simple wave, ding, and go……awesome…..cashiers love it because it is FAST…..

        1. If you are using a Debit Card, you do need to put in the PIN. I use my watch and ApplyPay everywhere I can. I just wish I didn’t have to use the PIN when I use a Debit Card.

      1. Simply put the Watch on and enter your 4 digit code…..NO NEED to enter everytime you do Apple Pay……..
        Only re-enter code if Watch is REMOVED from wrist….

        Wake up Dave……

  4. Love my Series 2, got one for my GF for Christmas. I use mine quite a bit and always have lots of Batt left when I take it off to charge for the night! My GF and I compete to see who get the better activity chart by days end. The fact that we can see each other activity on our watch is way cool!

    One of the best accessories is that little tiny rubber early Mac replica that you can toss your watch in to charge it. It’s always soft and caresses your watch as it pears thru the Screen window….they even come in black or white!

  5. Biggest drawback: retailers who have no clue what it is. And no employees who know how to use it if they know they have it. Apple has to do something to juice the market.

  6. While it is true that Apple needs to hire an army of reps to help retailers learn, train and deploy the readers, this is still my favorite thing about the Watch. Apple Pay is the killer app, because the Watch doesn’t save me the need to pull out my iPhone, it saves from pulling out my wallet, finding credit card, swiping, etc. I just wish some places didn’t still require a signature. It’s pretty damn hard for someone not me to use my watch to make a purchase.

  7. I have heard each of those WOW responses first hand.

    Some ask if it’s SAFE. I do my bit to educate them.

    What I hate is the $100 limit. The cashiers say it’s because it’s considered not very safe. What a load of BS. I think the retailers and bankers are not liking it and want to spread fake facts about Apple pay. Sometimes they have the machines intentionally set to not detect the watch. Sometimes they ask you to sign a receipt. Anything to make the experience troublesome.

      1. UK Limit is £30 on “standard” contactless payments that you can also use with Apple Pay. This is probably because with a standard contactless payment you need no 2FA, just tap your card and it’s done.

        If a retailer fully supports Apple Pay then there is no limit as you are using your fingerprint/passcode. The only place I’ve seen this is in an Apple Store (I paid for a £169 pair of Powerbeats with my watch).

  8. Clearly the smug analyst idiots who published their report only a day or so before the results, writing the watch off as a near disaster in sales are feeling pretty stupid at the moment, if they aren’t too busy inventing excuses for their apparent stupidity anyway. I’m sure they will come up with something that convinces themselves.

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