Hey Siri, who’s going to win the Super Bowl?

As the Super Bowl countdown begins, Siri is gearing up for the Big Game on Sunday, February 7, 2016.

For the first time, Apple TV users can now ask Siri to tune in live to the Super Bowl just by saying, “Watch the Super Bowl.” Whether you’re at home, at a local sports bar or at a friend’s party, Siri is available everywhere you are and provides even more football insights including team rosters, player comparisons, historical stats, season records and more. Siri can also help with game day planning by telling fans where to watch the game, who’s performing during the halftime show and reminding them to pick up snacks as they head out the door.

Fans can turn to Siri for help with pre-game planning.

Ask Siri questions like:
• When is the Super Bowl and who’s playing?
• Where is the Super Bowl being played this year?
• Who is performing at the Super Bowl halftime show?
• What channel is the Super Bowl on?

Fans can use Siri as their game day playbook.

Ask Siri questions like:
• What is the Patriots record? What about the Falcons?
• Who had more field goals this season, the Patriots or the Falcons?
• Who has more rushing yards this season, Tom Brady or Matt Ryan?
• How many yards did Matt Ryan have last week?
• What college did Tom Brady play for?
• Who is the coach for the New England Patriots?
• Who won the Super Bowl last year?

Siri is also a great companion for a Super Bowl party, and knows a thing or two about nachos. Ask Siri to set a reminder to pick up ingredients Saturday morning or give directions to the closest sports bar. At the end of the night, Siri can also book fans a ride home.

For more ways Siri can help you get things done, just say, “Hey Siri, What can you help me with?” or visit apple.com/ios/siri/.

Source: Apple Inc.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ll pass on asking Siri to watch the Super Bowl on Apple TV, thanks. We have 4K TVs and we’d like to use them at their fullest capability. We’re funny like that. Plus the remotes that came with our TVs and cable boxes were designed by someone who spent more than three minutes thinking about their design.

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  1. I finally, finally feel like MDN is starting to be bitter on the things that have been upsetting me at Apple for a while now. I hope Apple creates useful stuff again someday instead of being focused toooooooo much on design over user experience. They look pretty in the Designed by Apple in California book, but the book doesn’t show you the feelings of frustration. However, I have an even older ATV in my bedroom and compared to the super old remote and UI the new ATV is still much better than the previous model, albeit lacking in general.

    1. While the new Apple TV remote has the issue of being indistinguishable of up or down, it’s much better than the older apple remote. The new Apple TV/ tvOS interface is better than the older take 2 or 3 interface, and it is a solid product. Should it have 4K? Probably yes. But honestly, if you have a really nice new tv or an older tv, apple’s 1080p streams look excellent on both of them. On my XBR-X930D, they look great, And in most cases better than the 4K content on the built in Netflix and amazon app. So I would suggest looking at the content before rendering judgment. Everyone can have their opinion, and I would love the Apple TV to have native 4K, but based on all the other streaming 4K options I’ve tried? The Apple TV’s 1080p streams look better than the current market…. more pixels doesn’t always mean it looks better.

  2. I think buying my Apple TV was a waste of money. Remote stinks..

    I have 2 smart tvs w roku built into them and use them occasionally..

    When somebody get this stuff right I will circle back to it..maybe i am brainwashed but i just want to turn on the tv and be able to tune up something without navigating crappy un-navagation unfreindly OS”s w cludgy mouse-remote-no keyboard thrown together monsters..

  3. “We’ll pass on asking Siri to watch the Super Bowl on Apple TV, thanks. We have 4K TVs and we’d like to use them at their fullest capability.”

    Really? Who is broadcasting the Super Bowl in 4K this year?

    (You’re getting increasingly shrill and ridiculous, MDN…)

  4. MDN states we have 4K TV’s, so using an Apple TV to watch the game, assuming its streaming on some app, whats the difference? Is it that the stream may not look as good on their ATV 4 as their cable or Sat service or OTA channel?. The SuperBowl is not going to be delivered in 4K that I’ve seen, even if they use 4K tech to capture it.

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