Apple looks to reinvent Touch ID for next-gen iPhone

“Apple’s ringed Touch ID sensors have allowed users to use their fingerprint to unlock their phones since the iPhone 5s, but the company may be doing away with them for the iPhone 8,” Henry T. Casey reports for Tom’s Guide.

“According to a new report, the company is looking to use a whole new sensor in order to fit it underneath the next iPhone’s display panel,” Casey reports. “This latest iPhone 8 rumor comes via prominent Apple-watcher Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at the KGI securities firm. According to 9to5Mac, Kuo says the company is looking to move the sensor under the glass panel in order to achieve zero-bezel design that is currently expected for the iPhone 8.”

Casey reports, “Such a sensor may not even need to live in the bottom center of the home screen. Last October, Tom’s Guide reported on a patent from Apple that would allow the entire touch screen to use an electrostatic lens to make accurate fingerprint readings.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It would be very convenient to be able to “Touch ID” anywhere on the iPhone’s face!


  1. It’s not necessarily true that you would be to TouchID ANYWHERE on the screen. Imagine a circle appearing on the screen which looks exactly like the home button today and you would have to touch exactly there. Why make the entire screen a TouchID if you don’t have to? I’m not saying that the whole screen won’t be TouchID (as I have ABSOLUTELY no clue what they will do), I’m just saying it doesn’t HAVE to be the whole screen…

  2. dmjefferis ” I like buttons and knobs to stay in the same place, thanks.”
    You don’t sound like a proper Apple user. Moving stuff and developing new technologies is called progress. Either accept it or go and buy an old 6310 Nokia. That should feel familiar.

  3. You juggle a hot potato in your hands to avoid potential burns. Imagine juggling an iPhone like that to avoid mistouching it or to become subservient tactilely to its slavery.

  4. I would welcome a fingerprint sensor that works. I can’t get my 6s + to recognize my print and I have tried many times. I even went to the Apple Store and the fellow said my finger was too old!

  5. I hate the sensor on the iPhone 7. The older button felt better and more intuitive.

    Also, what’s Apple going to gain by eliminating a reliable intuitive button? Can’t make the screen a different ratio without screwing up the apps, and can’t devote any part of the current iPhone screen to a touch sensor without wasting real estate all the time. Or Apple would have to play games with layers or force touch which makes the interface slower and less intuitive. I hate swiping. Just leave the touch id where it is. If you want to move a button, put the power button on top where it belongs!

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