Last-minute spending surge lifts U.S. holiday shopping season; President-elect Donald Trump claims credit

“A jump in consumer spending in the final stretch of December significantly offset a slow start to the U.S. holiday shopping season, and is likely to help many retailers beat sales forecasts, industry research groups said on Tuesday,” Nandita Bose reports for Reuters.

“The December spending boost is in contrast to a muted November, when early holiday promotions and expectations among consumers that deals would always be available took a toll. Spending over the Thanksgiving weekend in November fell 3.5 percent from a year ago despite a strong jump in online sales, according to the National Retail Federation,” Bose reports. “‘It was a hot start with Cyber Monday, followed by a lull for the last couple of weeks and then a big-bang finish,’ said Pete Madden, a director at retail consultancy AlixPartners.”

“Brick-and-mortar sales in the week ending Dec. 24 rose 6.5 percent year-over-year after having fallen for the rest of the month, according to data from analytics firm RetailNext,” Bose reports. “President-elect Donald Trump attributed the spending increased to his impending arrival at the White House. ‘The world was gloomy before I won – there was no hope. Now the market is up nearly 10 percent and Christmas spending is over a trillion dollars!’ Trump wrote on Twitter.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re crediting Apple’s last-minute launch of AirPods. 😉


  1. Donald Dick can take credit for nothing that President Obama has done to turn around the biggest ever finacial metdown.

    The only thing Donald Dick can do is profit from bancrupcies. There’s not one bank in NY State that will lend him a penny becuase he’s stiffed them all by never paying his loans.

    1. I respectfully submit that you dramatically undermine your own valid argument when you resort to name calling. Try to go higher, my dear; your credibility will rise with you!

      1. I couldn’t agree more. Politics have become a part of MDN commentary, and I don’t think that’s likely to change. But resorting to personal slurs of people you don’t agree with doesn’t contribute to the quality of the discourse.

        1. MDN used to be right-leaning but in the last few years has swayed the other way and is more centrist. You’ve been able to see it in the comments. Far more centrist and at times even left-leaning. It’s interesting to see a person change as they get older.

          We understand that holding absolutest positions in politics is folly and that it doesn’t really matter what party is in power.

      2. A dick is a dick.

        And don’t forget that name calling is ALL this dick is capable of, check the dick’s (or the Twit’s if you prefer..) Twitter feed.

          1. Botvinnik. You quoted the great Americcan enemy. You are a traitor and an asswipe.

            Oh, happy new year. Your delicious trump dreams will all come true. And, you will be buried in shit to your eyebrows. Have a nice 2017.

      3. Name calling is COMEDY. So sorry you have no sense of humor, y’all. You had no trouble name calling all things Obama. The usual hypocrisy.

        Just enjoy humor, one of the foundations of Freedom Of Speech. We still have Freedom Of Speech, right?? Then LAUGH once in a while at the moronic Powers That Be.

    2. Policies from the Democratic party gave us the financial meltdown. Obama did nothing to give us a true recovery. He printed and gave away a lot of taxpayer money to give the illusion of recovery. Through his mindless, expansive regulations, Obama actually worked harder at killing jobs than creating them — and it shows.

      There’s a new sheriff in town and people are already feeling more optimistic. You can thank Donald Trump for the holiday surge.

  2. Great men give credit to those who do great things.
    Great chumps take credit for great things happening.
    Great morons can’t tell the difference.

    It’s definitely great again.

    1. lol…love your post. In response to Trump’s tweet – your have to be joking unless the wealthy people are already counting on and spending their tax cuts while the country heads even faster towards bankruptcy. I will be interested in Trump’s reaction when a negative economic report occurs.

      To the bottys and Fwhatevers out there – If Trump ever begins accepting responsibility and blame for the bad results…when he fails and is a loser…then he will have made his very first baby step towards becoming presidential. Until then, he is certainly Not My President #NMP.

      You right wingers can take credit for Trump, and Trump will certainly take credit for anything and everything positive. This is just the beginning.

      1. And, by logical extension, consumer spending is the responsibility of each consumer, not a political party, and certainly not any president-elect.

        I called this the beginning of Idiocracy and have yet to be proven wrong. Keep on talking Mr. Trump. Just keep on talking.

      1. HAHAHA! Like I’d care. Some other dummy wrote me this once. It had to have been you. So sad.

        Do YOU want lots of ATTENTION from STUPID PEOPLE! You could be the next Donald Trump!

        Seriously. I’m so happy to NOT be among the LOST.

      2. Eugene, did you know that many buildings that had Donald’s name on them are removing that name because it disgusts the tenants? Those tenants hate that name even more than they dislike you! I can finally be proud of you for that upward move.

    1. Trump may be vain, but he isn’t a moron. He knew what to say to get himself elected. It’s all about pushing the right buttons and appealing to the right people.

      And if Trump getting elected worries you, the fact that Trump is actually quite intelligent should worry you even more.

      That being said, why worry who sits in the oval office. It doesn’t really matter.

      1. Donald Trump is an all out sociopath. Look up the typical behavior of a sociopath and there’s Donald Trump. It’s going to be soooo incredibly boring watching him play out his predictable roll as a sociopath in charge of a country. We’ve seen this many times throughout history. This will be no exception.

        The aftermath of this sort of era is a violent swing in the OPPOSITE direction. I can’t wait. Humane humanity will rise again. I will be there.

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