Apple’s smartest moves of 2016

“Apple pissed off a lot of people in 2016,” Lewis Wallace writes for Cult of Mac. “In hindsight, some of Cupertino’s moves look clumsy, and others seem truly clueless, but Tim Cook and Co. also made some brilliant moves during this turbulent year.”

Wallace writes, “Let’s go to our happy place and relive the smartest moves made by Apple in 2016.”

“Apple didn’t forget about the little people in 2016. (Or the big people with tiny, tiny hands). The iPhone SE blasted onto the scene early in the year, with a 4-inch screen and a design nicked from the iPhone 5s,” Wallace writes. “The new Home app in iOS 10 puts a shiny face on the smart home. Yes, we’re still waiting for the big wave of HomeKit-enabled hardware to arrive, but the products are coming (look for even more to pop up during next week’s big CES show in Las Vegas). In the meantime, the Home app is truly a delight.”

“The Apple Watch Series 2 costs the same as the original Apple Watch, but the new Apple Watch Series 1 — which packs a processor upgrade over the original model — costs far less,” Wallace writes. “This lower price point makes it much more attainable, much more giftable, and much more likely to be bought on a whim. And that’s what Apple Watch needs to break into the mainstream.”

More of Apple’s smart moves in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Wallace certainly get it right by naming Apple’s principled stand for privacy as Cupertino’s finest moment.

Also, don’t be surprised if Apple drops some meaningful Apple Watch numbers soon.


  1. What’s wrong with this statement?
    “The Apple Watch Series 2 costs the same as the original Apple Watch, but the new Apple Watch Series 1 — which packs a processor upgrade over the original model — costs far less,”

      1. Yes there is, it’s the same dual core processor as the series 2 but still has the original amount of ram, no gps, and lacks the extreme water proofing of the series 2. They call it the S1P instead of the S2, but it is noticeably faster than the original watch.

  2. AppleWatch… my favorite Apple product from the get go.

    AppleWatch series 2 takes it to whole new level of interactivity , simplicity and effectiveness.

    I believe, going forward, AppleWatch has one of the strongest potentials in changing our lifestyles positively .

      1. When I compare you and your posts on this forum, I think that Apple is very smart and you, not so much. I doubt that you have accomplished even one millionth as much as Apple has in your life yet you think that you can come on here and put Apple down. Exactly how capable are you?

        1. Lol… happy new year..
          Even tough on ever turn you try to discredit me.. .and insult me…..None stop. more telling of you feeling challanged than anything else!
          Hope you get a life in the new year..
          As i have proposed to you before.. just dont read my posts… they are easy enough to identify . Wouldnt you agree …
          Why keep reading a stupid mans posts 😉

          1. I don’t think that it is possible to insult you. You and botvinnik are two of a kind: you type a lot of of characters but don’t say much to add to the topic. Think before you type.

            1. You may have a point on occasion, yojimbo. But it is mixed in with a bunch of crap. You think far too highly of your own opinion and you are very fond of criticizing Apple and anyone else who does not agree with you.

              Personally, I consider you to be a juvenile turd whining for attention. There, you just got some. Time for your nap.

            2. You are being too hard on him, KingMel and Reality Check. He speaks his mind without filtering and that is refreshing. He is an adult, not a whining child, and you ought to think twice before condemning anyone who breathes the intoxicating air of freedom on an internet forum, even botvinnik. Intelligence takes many forms, and desires to express itself freely. Please, don’t ally with conventional forms of suppression.

            3. Interesting comment …. but can you give me a bit more clarity on.”Intelligence takes many forms” …. would you care to elaborate on that Herself ?
              Ps. Thanks for the support 😉

            4. Crap is relative

              I critisize apple when i see fit..i
              Hope you do the same…
              I have skin on the line,., and am far far away from a dogmatized fan boy !

            5. RC KM….. please Line up the crap… dont generlize …..

              I dont believe i have ever insulted you or RC….beyond a come back to your insults…my opinions are mostly directed to Apple as in an open letter kind if approach !

              Whats this anomsity all about?
              That i have an opinion? That it may differ from yours or of another fanboy’s?
              Challanges you some how? …
              Give it break…. dont read my posts if they are crap…. dont waste your time…

              I write my perspective…
              And i read others…

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