Adobe wants artificial intelligence to be your guide along Photoshop’s learning curve

Adobe’s “newest initiative is a steep investment in artificially intelligent services,” Paresh Dave reports for The Los Angeles Times. “Adobe envisions what it calls Sensei as an automated virtual assistant that for now reduces rote handiwork in certain tasks, but eventually would help first-time users make the most of its apps or guide them when they’re stuck.”

“What Google search does for finding websites or’s Alexa for shopping, Adobe wants Sensei to do for making films, editing photos and designing products. Sensei features spread across Adobe’s software suite, including marketing databases and PDF readers,” Dave reports. “Adobe expects big interest in Sensei, pointing to popular creative apps as a sign of demand. For instance, Instagram has amassed 600 million users by giving beginning photographers simple ways to give their work a professional look.”

“Getting Sensei right is crucial to Adobe’s growth, financial analysts say,” Dave reports. “Increasingly sophisticated, cheaply available editing apps on smartphones could eventually relegate Photoshop and other Adobe programs to complicated luxuries. There’s no doubt that they are powerful technology. But it can take hours of classes to know how to use the programs well. Sensei is meant to knock out hurdles.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We expect Apple’s investments in machine learning will bear fruit in many of their software products, including Photos, as well.


  1. After all the money I’ve invested in Adobe products as a creative professional, now they’re going to put me out of business with a few canned creative effects. What freaking jobs are going to be left?

    1. The dumbing down of everything. You can imagine the devastating implications of high end AI in film effects work or gaming. Of course if anyone can do it, then everyone can do it and it loses impact and overall value. Technology has a lot of unintended consequences, not to be a Luddite about it.

    2. dddd… you must be young. Were you aware that Photoshop was developed for Macintosh before Wintel? It all went downhill from the time PS 3.0 was released for Windoze. Then EVERYBODY was a photo PS “expert”. Corel Draw, as well, was a pathetic piece of kit. EVERYBODY was a graphic designer. I closed up in 2001 seeing the writing on the wall. I had 8 employees and a 10,000 sq ft Advertising agency with high end large format output and lamination services. Those were the daze. I used to bill out $125 hr. for photo manipulation. Reason? The 256″mb” NOT “gb”of memory in just (1) one of my 9500’s was $8400.00. Each memory module cost my company $2100.00 EACH… each. Unfortunately you are experiencing what I did just over 16 years ago. It is a race to the bottom. Sad part? Not many institutions teach traditional design & layout techniques anymore. I attended R.I.T. Rochester Institute of Technology. I was fortunate. I have traditional along with the technical experience. It has served me well over the years. It also did not hurt that I worked for Apple in the 1990’s… I got to play with all the new hardware. My Iici still boots to this day. It has Quark 2.5 on it iBelieve. Good luck in your future endeavors. Cheers.

  2. As much as I’ve used Adobe products casually in the past, the debacles of Flash and subscription service pricing have just turned me off.

    Other choices are easier to use and less costly. I’m an amateur when it comes to pdfs, web publication, video clips and writing where most documents are 2-4 pages.

    Hence, Adobe doesn’t want my business any more.

    1. Casually is the key here. I use them intensely everyday and the Creative Cloud service is a fantastic value for those who make our living using this software. A bit more then $50/month. One simple job that would take me less then an hour to produce pays for the entire month. If you don’t make money using this software then it’s not for you.

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