Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from MacDailyNews!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from MacDailyNewsDear MacDailyNews readers and commenters,

Amidst the Christmas news slowdown, we can all look forward to 2017 which — with expectations of new Macs (desktops, especially), the possibility of Apple Watch 3, the tenth anniversary “iPhone 8,” next-gen iPads in calendar Q1, the ever-continuing rumors of an Apple Internet TV service, and much more as Apple opens and finally moves into the massive Campus 2 — we expect Apple will double-down on execution and quality, making for their most successful year ever!

As we enjoy spending time with family and friends, we want to thank you so much for visiting MacDailyNews throughout the year and for making us a part of your day. We really appreciate it!

An extra special thanks to those who regularly send us links to interesting articles – you know who you are – thank you, thank you, thank you!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

– MacDailyNews


  1. After a great 2016 (in U.S. election results), I’m hopeful for the future for the first time in eight long years of ineptitude, weakness, cowardice, and fecklessness that resulted in a greatly destabilized world and a doubling of the U.S. national debt.

    The future is bright once again! Go, Apple, go! And Merry Christmas, everyone!

    1. 2016 is for most of us one of the worst years of our lives. The loss of so many precious artists, the rise of fascism and Idiocracy- great year if your bubble is the Idiocracy. Just watch. It’s all downhill from here.

      1. “2016 is for most of us one of the worst years of our lives.”

        Most of us? I did not know you were appointed world liberal loser spokesperson. That said, you certainly do NOT speak for most of us. What a condescending POS you are.

        “The loss of so many precious artists, the rise of fascism and Idiocracy- great year if your bubble is the Idiocracy. Just wfatch. It’s all downhill.”

        Just watch, your bias will prove you wrong and it will be all uphill.

        1. Ahh, there you are!
          My 3rd favorite piece of shît.
          God Almighty will decide your fate.
          Bring some suntan lotion, Botty, you’re going to need it.
          I’ll be waiting in Héll for you, with a Louisville Slugger.
          Enjoy your time in eternal damnation.

        1. Canada has high standards for immigration; you either have to have money that you are willing to invest in a business or have some special skill that we need. Maybe Mexico will take him.

    2. After what seems like at least 10 years of visiting MDN almost daily, I think it is time to swear off the idiot convention it has become. Formerly a site where the latest Mac news was aggregated and commented on intelligently, it has become a completely non-curated pissing post for Android lovers, Apple haters, and alt-right loonies. Bye.

      1. Agree with you there. This place has become the hole for childish political righteous blowhards to sink in.
        This is my last comment, my last visit to MDN. The Apple topic is void here and my political time is better spent elsewhere, where it will carry potency in a time of global and human need.
        Blowhards: go ahead and kick me on my way out with your idiotic responses. At least I don’t need to go to Canada to escape your predudiced idiocy.
        MDN: Thanks for the good years, good luck for the future.

    1. These places have one of the worst records for employee abuse and low wages while delivering fatty/sugary meals that make you look like Brawndo Drinker.

        1. I know what’s Right from Wrong, and will fight against the new Fascist Dictator every day, for four years, if it makes it that long. Happy Armageddon, love and kisses, MDN.

            1. I was wondering about the origin of that quote, thanks.

              Here in flyover (Trump) country, I’ve heard that phrase a little differently: If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, everyday would be Christmas. 🎄

        1. What you say is admirable and, I hope, comes true. But the future is fraught, and perfect storms of unpredicted violence come true year after year.

          Our fondest hope must remain the survival of our liberties despite our overwhelming primitive instinct to sacrifice them for promised safety, wealth and prestige, compounded by our desire for punishment of all other members of the human family who opposed our interests merely by daring to be themselves — exactly as we have done. — Desmond Tutu

  2. Merry Christmas everyone. And kudos to MDN for prioritizing free speech over language policing like just about every other Apple-related site out there. I hate censorship far more than being criticized for my views.

    1. Well said, Nick!

      All points of view are represented and agree with you 100%. I’ll take hits for my views any day of the week over censorship …

      We certainly don’t need — 🤐

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