Nintendo’s iOS-only ‘Super Mario Run’ notches three million downloads

“A lot of people downloaded Super Mario Run on Thursday — three times as many as downloaded Pokémon Go on its first day — but lots of people weren’t happy with what they got,” Ina Fried reports for Recode.

“The app, Nintendo’s first iPhone game, was downloaded more than 2.8 million times globally, according to Apptopia. That compares to 900,000 first-day downloads of Pokémon Go,” Fried reports. “As notable as the downloads, though, was the fact that half of the 33,000 people who rated the app gave it just one star, Apptopia said.”

Fried reports, “Chief among the gripes was how little free play is offered before users have to fork over the full $9.99 price for the iPhone game.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The low ratings are from users who failed to read the app’s description before download. Apple’s App Store ratings system is, and always has been, severely flawed to the point of being worthless.

Nintendo’s iOS-only ‘Super Mario Run’ arrives on Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch – December 15, 2016


  1. There really should be a way to keep playing for free by completing levels/tasks or something and then pay if you can’t pass. Forcing the $9.99 is just greedy – But hey they will make a ton on money off of this.

    1. How is it greedy for a game developer to charge for a game that cost them potentially millions to create. In most cases, the F2P games end up costing more than $10 due to in-app purchases, or you are stuck behind a time wall. That is the reason I loath most mobile games. I think $10 for a complete, very re-playable, high quality game a fair price. If this game was sold on the 3DS it would have probably sold for $30 and no one would have complained. Just because it is a “mobile game” doesn’t mean it has to be free.

  2. People complaining about a free game that ends and they have to pay$10 for it?
    Just go back to the 90s when most games were $30 to $100. It was that for big name games or sift thru shareware.

    Too many Snowflakes that want everything and expect it for free.

    1. Thank you. Some that gets it. I think $10 for this game is a great bargain. If Nintendo was greedy, they would have made the game “free” but had time walls or would have IAP for each world/remove ads/speed up the time limits. I really don’t play a lot of mobile games anymore because of this F2P business model. I will gladly pay a higher price if the game is good and unlocks the full game.

    1. -do making the app free and making 9,99 am in-app purchase. That way it doesn’t extend to family sharing. Everyone has to pay.

      Remember when Steve said free games would always be free and pay games pay?

      Nintendo, fix this.

  3. Apple should highlight if an app is a “Free Preview” with the full version be an in-app upgrade.

    The clarity would be good for customers and developers.

    Most people think of in-app purchases as being highly optional. Using “in-app” to also mean “full price after free preview” just begs for misunderstandings.

    1. As I tried to say above as the MDN app was being hacked by ads, having the $9.99 full version be an in-app purchase means that it doesn’t work with Family Sharing. They are skirting the clear intention of Family Sharing, which is that people in a family should be allowed to share apps with each other that have been purchased once. This should not be allowed to stand.

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