Apple’s ‘iPhone 7’ was second-most Googled term worldwide in 2016

“According to a report released by Google, the top four search terms on Google worldwide in 2016 were Pokémon Go, iPhone 7, the late rock star Prince and Donald Trump,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Two movies made Google’s top 10 global searches for 2016: Warner Bros.-DC Comics’ ‘Deadpool,’ which came in at Number 7 worldwide overall, and 20th Century Fox-Marvel’s ‘Suicide Squad’ stood at No. 10.,” Purcher reports. “Among U.S. Google users, Netflix scored the top three most-searched TV shows, with ‘Stranger Things,’ ‘Making a Murderer’ and ‘Fuller House’ leading that ranking.”

Purcher reports, “To compile the rankings, Google studied an aggregation of trillions of searches on the site this year.”

Read more and se the lists of top searches in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Not bad for a so-called “boring” iPhone!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. Actually, he was googled less than Prince, or iPhone 7, or even Pokemon Go!

      It wouldn’t be entirely out of character to hear Trump tweet how Google’s data is bogus and how he was actually No. 1 search for the year. He has shown great difficulty in restraining himself form reacting poorly whenever he is perceived to be anything other than No. 1, most popular, or best in anything.

        1. I saw the Google Pixel phone commercial for the first time yesterday and I can see how it could be easily perceived to be a realistic iPhone competitor. I wonder why it’s not in the list of top searched items? Anyone have experience or knowledge of the Pixel?

      1. The Top-Trending Global Google Searches for 2016

        1. Pokémon Go

        2. iPhone 7

        3. Donald Trump

        4. Prince

        5. Powerball

        6. David Bowie

        7. Deadpool

        8. Olympics


        10. Suicide Squad

  1. Yeah, so what? I’m sure a lot of people want to know how much market share the iPhone 7 lost for Apple. If anyone checked Google’s Youtube they’d probably find a record number of videos declaring how much the iPhone 7 sucked or was over-priced or was far inferior to most Android smartphones costing half the price of an iPhone. There are many reasons iPhones get attention on the internet it’s usually not for a good reason. Apple has an extraordinarily large following of Apple-haterz far exceeding Apple’s miniscule market share percentage of its entire product lineup.

    1. That may be true, although it sounds entirely anecdotal. The actual data seems ti indicate that the iPhone is:

      1. Still by far the most popular camera device in the world (more than half of all photos on Flickr are shot on an iPhone)
      2. Still the most coveted mobile phone in the world (by a very comfortable margin)
      3. Still bringing in larger profit than all other phones combined
      4. Still largely reviewed (by respectable trade publications and their reviewers) as the best smartphone on the market.
      5. Still commands the highest consumer satisfaction rating, by a comfortable margin
      6. quite many more most- and highest- qualifications that I can’t remember right now
      I hate sounding like a fanboi here, but despite the internet being full of Apple haters who keep trying to point out in what numerous ways Android is supposedly better than the iPhone, real data tends to say that it simply isn’t, and real people know this.

      Anyone who can afford an iPhone either already has one, or is getting one soon. Those who can’t afford are filling online forums with arguments why Android is better. You figure out why…

    1. That would be a rather meaningless number. Quite many people who searched for it simply can’t afford it. If your monthly income is $200 (and in plenty of developing countries, it is), there is simply no scenario in which you could justify a $650 device. They still covet it, google it, learn about it, because, ultimately, they want to own it. Just like I sometimes google Maserati, or Mooney. Most likely, I’ll never be able to justify a purchase to my wife, but it doesn’t prevent me from googling it.

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