When President-elect Trump meets Apple CEO Cook and other tech leaders, jobs will be on the agenda

“At the top of the agenda when President-elect Donald J. Trump meets with tech leaders on Wednesday afternoon: jobs, jobs and more jobs,” David Streitfeld reports for The New York Times. “Other topics will come up too, depending on Mr. Trump’s whims. One likely possibility: the repatriation of offshore cash.”

“But mostly, it will be about jobs. The tech community has put its products in every home and pocket, generating enormous wealth along the way. But the companies employ relatively few people, and the wealth is concentrated in places like Silicon Valley and Seattle,” Streitfeld reports. “Changing this equation is the task of Peter Thiel, the tech investor who is now advising Mr. Trump.”

Those attending the meeting, which will be held at Trump Tower in Manhattan, include:

■ Timothy D. Cook of Apple
■ Ginni Rometty of IBM
■ Jeff Bezos of Amazon
■ Elon Musk of Tesla
■ Larry Page and Eric E. Schmidt of Alphabet
■ Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook
■ Safra A. Catz of Oracle
■ Brian M. Krzanich of Intel
■ Chuck Robbins of Cisco
■ Satya Nadella of Microsoft

“Apple has already drawn the president-elect’s scrutiny over jobs. “’One of the things that will be a real achievement for me is when I get Apple to build a big plant in the United States, or many big plants in the United States,’ Mr. Trump said in late November,” Streitfeld reports. “On Monday, in what perhaps could be seen as a pre-emptive strike, Apple was revealed to be negotiating a major investment in a technology fund celebrated by Mr. Trump last week for its jobs-making potential. Apple has held discussions about potentially participating in a $100 billion fund to be run by the Japanese conglomerate SoftBank.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Oh, to be a fly on the wall of that meeting!


  1. President elect Cretin: “First things boys, we need those solar farms shut down and for you to realize that it is all about fossil fuels for now on. No more alternative energy sources. Need to put my supporters in coal country back to work.”

    1. Wouldn’t it make Murica great again if ICE would keep out all the brainy brown people from taking the tech jobs that nearly brainy white folks could have and produce mediocre products for the rest of us?

  2. I’ve been no fan of Trump but this is one area where he and Bernie Sanders agreed: American companies that have prospered in large part due to our unique freedoms and prosperity, should feel a patriotic duty to keep some jobs here.

    The goal of any company needs to be more than just pure ruthless short term profit. Now I do understand economics, and quite frankly bringing back manufacturing jobs is a short term solution since most of these will be phased out over time to automation…but companies need to provide for the workers or else the workers will rise up and revolt…we’ve seen that in other countries, we saw that in part in electing Trump this year.

    We will see what the meeting brings…

    1. Around 82% of everything that Trump had said on the campaign trail (and elsewhere, actually) is factually incorrect (according to the most independent fact-checkers). That figure by itself doesn’t mean much without context, so here: most other candidates for public office lie somewhere between 20% and 30% of the time (Clinton’s score is around 25%, according to the same sources).

      The point of this is, most of the things Trump had promised were lies. He told people what they wanted to hear. He may genuinely try to reverse Roe v. Wade, or even initiate some infrastructure projects (those may likely be scuttled by the Republican senate), but most other things, he has no intention on following through. He is showing clearly what he was really thinking about the middle class by nominating the richest of the rich businessmen into his cabinets, people who have practically no clue how the middle class lives, what issues they deal with and what is important to them.

      It is difficult not to want to completely dismiss someone who is so clueless, and more importantly (and more dangerously), so vain and self-obsessed, that he seems to be turning the presidency into one big four-season long reality TV show, but I would like to wait and see what actually transpires, once Trump takes power, and once he begins engaging his Republican lawmakers.

  3. Hypothetical number 1: to be a fly on the wall…what it would be to listen to that meeting.

    But here’s a mind blowing impossible hypothetical for you: what would it have been like if Steve Jobs were still alive and he was in that meeting with Trump?

    We all know that Steve was a liberal Democrat and probably would have been horrified with most of Trump’s political views…and very disdainful of his ignorance on the issues.

    But they shared some traits in common: both blunt talkers, both very driven, both with a very effective way of communicating to the masses.

    It would make a great story to write, imagining an alternate history of when Steve Jobs met Donald Trump.

    1. Steve was a Democrat but he wasn’t a far leftist. For example he railed against the public education system in CA and agains the teacher’s union. He also argued against the idea that Apple should provide “free wifi”. He was conservative in a lot of respects.

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