Nintendo’s ‘Super Mario Run’ on iOS is going to be huge

“Pokémon GO might have just screwed up its biggest opportunity to get lapsed players back into its game, but Pokémon isn’t the only Nintendo-oriented property making waves in the mobile world this week,” Dave Thier reports for Forbes.

“Super Mario Run debuts on iOS this week as well, and some who have gotten the chance to swing by an Apple Store have already played the first three levels,” Thier reports. “Hint: they’re real good. ”

“I don’t expect this game to reach global craze, Pokémon GO levels of excitement, but that’s alright,” Thier reports. “This game is going to be huge, and that’s huge for both Nintendo and mobile gaming overall.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Not Pokémon GO huge but huge nonetheless.

The iOS-only Super Mario Run’s release date it December 15, 2016 on Apple’s App Store.


        1. I’ll make that four in agreement about this. The always on connection is a deal killer. I don’t like being treated as potential thief. I like the Mario games for the most part, but this is one I will probably never play.

    1. I’m still going to buy, once nintendo sees the amount of money they can make on iOS there will be nothing stopping them from giving us more. Let them see how much money they can make on iOS and then when they port stuff over to android and see pitiful sales and pirating maybe us iOS users will get nintendo games exclusively 🙂

  1. For casual gamers like me, I will buy Super Mario but never downloaded Pokemon Go.

    Pokemon Go was too consuming for me but Mario is just right…a game that even a non hardcore gamer can enjoy.

  2. Why are things available “on” the App Store and not “in” the App Store.

    You don’t run out to Apple cuz the new iPhone is “on” the store.

    People really love to mangle the English language.

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