Steve Jobs predicted early iTunes movie rentals over six years ago

“Just a few days ago a new report suggested that Apple is working closely with movie studios to provide early access to movies just two weeks after they hit theaters,” Abdel Ibrahim writes for AppAdvice. “What you may not know is that Steve Jobs predicted this would happen just about a year before his death.”

“In his very last public interview with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at the 2010 AllThingD conference,” Ibrahim writes, “Jobs makes it very clear what he thinks is going to happen: ‘I even think that there’s going to be a way to watch a first-run movie at home before it comes out on DVD if you’re willing to spend a bunch of money.'”

Ibrahim writes, “If this report turns out to be true, it looks like once again, Steve Jobs knew where things were headed before they actually happened.”

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MacDailyNews Take: He wasn’t known as the preeminent visionary of our times for nothing, you know.

(Not that this one was especially difficult to predict as, even back in 2010, the cost of going to the movie theater (tickets, concessions, etc.) was already rather exorbitant.)

Steve Jobs

Apple said in talks with film studios over early access to movies for iTunes – December 7, 2016

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. I think my tech-challenged Aunt Matilda could have “predicted” someday new movies could be watched from home. For a price. My problem with that is is it really worth paying a premium for? Not as though there aren’t enough other movies and cable fare to keep you occupied until prices come down to the usual post-theatrical ancillary market level, as they inevitably will.

  2. Not unlike recent Apple releases, any other TV device maker will near-simultaneously release the same thing — because who is going to ink a solitary deal with Apple for movies and make less money — and the ingenuity of Steve is thereby diminished to a quaint realization rather than a strategic business win like when he was living.

    And why? Because it just ain’t the same since you’ve been gone, Steve.

  3. But hey Fat Eddy doesn’t want to be Netflix. Apple is run by fat lazy creepy looking guys who sell 100% of their stock every chance they get. Eddy is the prime shining star sample of the Arrogant, lazy, do nothing attitude that Apple has. He dresses like a super creepy old guy at a nigh club as well. Apple is crumbling under these idiots. Fire them all and get fresh hungry blood. Go destroy Ferrari Fat Eddy.

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