‘Boring’ iPhone 7 builds ‘strongest growth’ for two years. Does this fit your narrative?

“I guess if you bat for the ‘iPhone is failing’ teams then you will have thrown the latest Kantar Worldpanel ComTech data into your “does not fit the narrative” trash can,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Why shouldn’t you? You have every right to ignore facts that may undermine your opinion.”

But, “if you look at the latest Kantar data you’ll see a slightly bigger picture,” Evans writes. “For the three months ending October 2016, it is Apple that leads the high-end of this market, the part in which the future of the smartphone industry is defined.”

“You see, Apple’s iPhones are the top three smartphone brands sold in the US and the UK: iPhone 7 at number one, Apple’s iPhone 6s at two, with the iPhone SE in third place,” Evans writes. “Android appears to be losing mind-share in the US, where iOS share climbed 7 percentage points year-over-year: from 33.5% of smartphone sales to 40.5% in the three months ending October 2016. ‘This represents the strongest rate of growth for the OS in more than two years, as well as the highest share seen since the three months ending January 2015 (42.8%),’ said Kantar.”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Not to bad for a lineup of “boring” iPhone, huh?


    1. The question is whether that is due primarily to supply constraints (a disturbing problem with Apple these days) or if customers are truly unable to accept another color from the lineup.

      I suspect iPhone 6S models are selling as well or better than the 7, and all iPhone sales got a huge short term boost thanks to Sammy’s bad batteries, but that wouldn’t fit in with the narrative MDN pushes. We won’t know anything until the financial statement.

      1. I called Apple sales about iPhone 7 Plus availability in my area about a week ago. The rep said I would be lucky to get it by Christmas. He said something like sales were much, much higher this year compared to last year.

        It sounds Iike demand to me.

    2. Already got mine some weeks ago but the Apple Store in Valencia, CA had iP7 Plus 128Gb Rose Gold models in stock the other day for my wife. Best iPhone I’ve ever owned. The new camera dual lens features alone are wonderful additions (Portrait mode very cool) and will bring a smile to your face while shooting it.

  1. Love my 7 plus and SE. I will say this, even if you are a young student or or on a really tight budget, there is no reason to stoop down to a crumby Android device when there is the SE. It’s my primary phone and it’s the best phone I’ve ever owned.
    My 7 plus in black is amazing too. There’s really no reason for anyone with half a mind to but Android. As a former Android user from the days before Verizon carried the iPhone I can tell you I will never go back and question anyone still on Android.

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