Apple continues to work on replacing ‘everything in your wallet’

“Apple launched Apple Pay in 2014 with a plan to try to replace your wallet. Its first service was digital payments with credit and debit cards,” Dan Frommer reports for Recode. “In the meantime, it has added support for transit passes and loyalty cards, and — as announced tonight — for Square Cash.”

“But what about other things that still require carrying a physical wallet, such as identification cards?” Frommer reports. “‘Everything in your wallet, we’re thinking about,’ Apple VP Jennifer Bailey, who runs Apple Pay, said at tonight’s Code Commerce Series event in San Francisco.”

Frommer reports, “Bailey wouldn’t elaborate on plans to digitize forms of identification, such as drivers licenses, but it sounds like it’s the sort of thing Apple would like to eventually support.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ve been using Apple Pay more and more in the U.S. over the past few months. It seems many of the retail establishments we patronize have recently become Apple Pay-ready. Are you seeing that where you live, too?


    1. Is it really too much to ask for Apple to make a current Mac with a PCIE x16 slot?

      NVIDIA makes drivers for the current versions of OS X that work perfectly with the 900 series and I’m assuming the same would be true for the 1000 series

      Without a Mac that has a PCIE x16 slot they’re pretty much forcing high-performance Mac users to get an expensive thunderbolt adapter or to use a hackintosh setup…

    2. No, don’t mix up your lineup! A mini is a quiet entry level box, the Pro USED TO BE the no-constraint performance champ. Apple has been inexplicably ignoring the huge hole in the desktop line for a midrange Mac in a breadbasket size box , real user upgrade ability, and no iMac styling constraints.

    1. Huh? I haven’t used cash to buy gas for over 40 years. All my groceries and restaurant bills are put on my credit cards too. Now with Apple Pay, I don’t have anything in my wallet except two pictures of my children, a drivers license and a backup credit card. Of course, I don’t live in the Divided States of America though.

    1. Apple’s wallet is local only, nothing is kept on Apple’s servers … everything is still contained in your pocket. With the added benefit of being securely encrypted.

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