Some owners of Apple’s new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar claim serious battery issues

“Owners of Apple’s new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar are complaining that they’re not getting anywhere near the stated battery life,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports for ZDNet.

“Apple’s own support community, along with sites such as Reddit, are ablaze with complaints that the battery is not delivering the promised 10 hours,” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “A user posting to Apple’s support forum claimed their battery ran down in three hours.”

Kingsley-Hughes reports, “It is unclear as yet what might be at the root of this problem, but an issue with the discrete Radeon graphics chip is suspected (although far from confirmed).”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like a software issue and, judging from the posts on Apple’s Support site, this is not a widespread issue. If you’re having this issue, contact Apple. Further, you might want to try a clean install vs. using the Migration Tool to move from another Mac. There’s nothing like a fresh install!

How to perform a clean installation of macOS Sierra – September 21, 2016


      1. MDN and fanboys in denial.


        -Likely not many MB Pros with Touch Bar have sold. The fact that there’s a stream of battery life complaints at this juncture is evidence that the problem could be widespread.
        -The Verge blasted the battery life in their review. Apple even sent them another review unit and they got the same poor battery life.
        -I just watched another review from a popular reviewer who complained of this same issue, and for a number of reasons, is returning his.

        Cut the crap and wake up.

      2. I don’t think it’s likely migration assistent could screw anything up. If MDN’s take is correct, more likely the graphics card optimisation is off, and users who use battery draining high end graphics might be suffering.

      1. @peterblood71

        You have got to be the last Tim Cook apologist on earth… why do you even try any longer?

        I told you years ago that being a Cook apologist is a 7-day per week, 24-hour job, with no time off, no bennefits, and ZERO pay.

        That’s because the only thing Cook does consistently well is f*ckup!

        1. Nothing apologist about it. I am just not as pessimistic scorched earth about it as clueless others and try to play fair. The TC thing hasn’t played out yet much as some think it is.

          Have they made mistakes? Yes.
          Am I upset about Mac Pro’s and iMacs not getting more timely updates? Yes.
          Am I reaching the end of my own patience? Yes.

          But I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel on TC much as it is tempting to do so. They may surprise us yet. Knee jerk responses are their own reward and it’s easy to criticize. You gain nothing. Many might be eating crow, lots of it. (Or maybe I’ll end ups with a heaping portion.) But no CEO wants to fail. At some point you need to come down off your Ivory Tower and see what’s going on and respond. This all might well be a lesson in being a CEO for Tim though unfortunately we end up paying the price for it. Let’s hope he learns lessons, if indeed there are lessons to be learned, and this isn’t due to problems beyond their control. But yes, Judgment Day is coming. That’s just my view, I realize there are many all over the spectrum on this site. (And as we all know opinions are like certain body parts – everyone has one.)

          1. I hope every dollar you have is invested in AAPL.

            You deserve it.

            Maybe you can use your rating hack to boost the stock; it would be about as effective as your use of it here.


            1. I don’t use ratings hacks in fact would have no idea of how to do that. But I suspect you do if suffering from “unpopular disease.” And thanks yes, I’ve made a ton of money from Apple stock.

    1. Apple is how MS used to be:

      Beta test users of new OSes
      Harrrass users with upgrade nagware
      Have users afraid to download new updates
      Have a clueless and incompetent CEO

  1. Poor battery life
    Capped at 16GB RAM
    Worthless ports with built in $200 adapter fee
    Weak GPU
    30% ripoff price increase
    Sealed and glue packed for non-upgradeable components
    One-sixth increase in Apple Care
    Video Issues

    1. don’t forget the USB-C debacle! Two measly ports (one to charge and one for a peripheral) on the low-end “Pro” model is unforgivable, and the lack of any legacy ports on any model is perplexing.

      1. The new MacBook Pro comes with complete support for legacy ports. It supports: USB-2, USB-3, USB-3.1, Ethernet, FireWire, T-Bolt, T-Bolt 2, T-Bolt 3, HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, DVI, PCI, etc. these legacy ports are simply routed through a pair of USB-C connectors.

        Here’s a tip: If you have a new MacBook Pro, you’re clearly not broke, so either upgrade your peripherals or cough up a few bucks for some select ‘USB-C to [whichever]’ cables.

        If you don’t have an new MacBook Pro, then STFU. Your trolling is not welcome.

        1. In other news:

          Apple reduces number of iPhone 7 orders.

          No one wants a iPhone 6SS without a headphone jack?

          AAPL investors will be thrilled to hear that.


          1. You keep insisting I have a bunch of aliases but I use only the one you see above whereas I know you adopt more identities than “Carter has pills.” Funny how you accuse others of your own MDN strategies and hacks. Your rabid immature posts befitting a 10 year old are a dad gveaway, jet so you know. And you fool no one.

  2. Let’s see how this works:

    Get a new device with new features.
    Spend a huge amount of time fiddling with it to see how it works.
    Run out of power without noticing the time you spent.
    Blame Apple.
    Wash, rinse and repeat.

    1. Its clearly stated by all security experts worth their salt to never, ever use Safari. Unless you absolutely have to. It is a security nightmare, and Apple is really slow to plug holes. Google Chrome on the other hand is updated constantly and has real security features the people can actually use.

      1. Why would you ever use a browser from a company that tracks your every move and spies on you and your friends?? How would you know the browser is not logging all your keystrokes and sending them back to their servers?

  3. My problem has been iCloud working in the background to sync with all my other devices. Once iCloud finished its work my new MBP returned to solid battery life performance. This is expected, so it’s not a big deal.

  4. Everyone laughing at Samsungs battery problems, now there is the iPhone 6S, AND the MacBook “PRO” (pro, ok). Hurry and make exscuses for apple and their child labour working at break kneck speeds and still working insane amounts of over time even though Apple set out strict 60hr rules that they don’t inforce. HAHA

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