Spark arrives on macOS

“Competition among email clients on the Mac and iOS has heated up over the past couple of years,” John Voorhees reports for MacStories. “With that comes innovation, making email clients one of the most interesting app categories.”

“oday, Readdle released Spark for Mac, bringing its popular iOS email client to the Mac for the first time. Spark excels at bringing order to the chaos of your inbox and providing tools to help you quickly triage common types of email individually, or in bulk,” Voorhees reports. “But perhaps the greatest benefit of Spark for Mac is that it’s a solid free solution for fans of the iOS version of the app who felt constrained by the lack of a macOS version.”

“Spark organizes your inbox into card-like sections, including Personal, Notifications, Newsletters, Pins, and Seen. Spark’s ability to categorize email and customize how they are displayed is key to getting the most out of Spark’s Smart Inbox,” Voorhees reports. “Spark’s proficiency at recognizing different types of email is not perfect, but it works more often than not, bringing welcome order to your inbox.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Help!” we whimper from under a mountain of unread email.


  1. I will try Spark. I like new stuff. One of my favorite Email Clients is Airmail for macOS. It’s got this great feature where if you click on an email that you are receiving lots of, then click on the find all such emails buttons, it will find them all, even if they don’t look the same on the surface. You can then select them all and delete them. It’s a great way to clean out your inbox while watching a tv show on your Mac. Airmail has become very fast to set up and use as well.

  2. Does Spark allow you to bounce email?
    Apple Mail used to allow users to bounce a message which got rid of it without sending a confirmation back to the spammer.

    Maybe Apple could include a Bounce option on the iCloud Calendar spam that has caused them to issue an apology.

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