Apple primed blow away Christmas quarter expectations

“If you haven’t noticed, Apple silently racked up large scale iPad and MacBook Air sales over the Black Friday weekend, according to Adobe’s analytics,” Mark Reschke writes for T-GAAP. “Apple’s Beats headphones were also show stoppers, and the new MacBook Pro has seen stronger than anticipated demand since its release.”

“Apple’s iPhone is also the most wanted item on Christmas wish lists this year, up by [two percentage points] over last year’s desire for iPhones,” Reschke writes. “This weekend I moved to Verizon from AT&T, and upgraded muy plan with six new iPhone 7 [units].”

“Across the board Apple’s sales are looking solid, but Verizon’s virtual blind-side to AT&T this holiday weekend may have given Apple an extra boost. The largest US carrier offered $200 Visa cards and generous trade-in values on older iPhones for new customers,” Reschke writes. “In my little sphere of influence that’s 10 additional iPhone sales that Apple would not have sold this season, had it not been for Verizon pulling out all the stops.”

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MacDailyNews Take: With no new iPads or desktop Macs (or AirPods so far), let’s hope Apple will blow away Christmas quarter expectations regardless!


  1. Good for Apple that most consumers don’t know that the MacBook Air and the IPad Air 2 are two+ years old. They’ll sell well Through Apple/Walmart etc. this year.
    Apple Specialist stores have more Apple tech savvy shoppers and even last Christmas the Apple product lineup felt dated and needed a refresh and sales were slower as a result.
    The recent MacBook Pro lineups are pretty pricy for Christmas gifts.

    IPhone 7/+ will do well this year though. The lack of supply has made it feel like fresh Christmas tech. iPhone 5 and older customers will get a nice update though. Even if they get an SE.

    1. Seems to me that the only hot sellers are the old models with big discounts.

      In my unscientific personal observation, Apple Watches, Apple TVs, single port MacBooks, and dusty old products that Apple refuses to update but still refuses to discount are all poor sellers. You would think that a so called supply chain genius would have operations planned so that iPhones could get an update every 18 months, ipads every 24 months, and all other products in 36 months or so, maybe 48 months for accessories. Anything in those categories being produced for longer than that is by definition too old to be current.

  2. The NEW Macbook Pro would be a best seller if you can get one. I ordered one a week go with a 5 day lead time, that has now increased to 23 days here in France for all colours and all models. I’ve checked multiple retailers and the Apple Store, nothing, a few 13″‘s but no 15″‘s. Bummer.

      1. Don’t feel to bad Mel. I have the same iPad. You must be a patient man, because I know I am and I must say it is a slow beast after years of updates.
        No longer updatable it’s remains in a half crippled state with no hope of a future update bringing back any snappiness.

        I would have left it at iOS 7 long ago, but the certificate for FaceTime expired and it was useless to me without an update.

        Now the thing is feeling useless because it very slow.
        Still living with it though as it’s a 64GB with cellular (which I use),

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