Apple debuts ‘Frankie’s Holiday’ television ad

Apple has debuted a new holiday television ad on U.S. and international broadcast and cable networks called “Frankie’s Holiday.”

“Frankie,” as in: Frankenstein’s monster! (Played by Brad Garrett, who you might remember from Everybody Loves Raymond.)

In the new, rather epic 2:00 ad, an unexpected holiday visitor finally receives the warm welcome he’s always yearned for – after an unexpected technical glitch.

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Well, now, there’s a nicely executed, if somewhat jarring, amalgam.

The rights to The Grinch must have been prohibitive (because, as we all know, Apple’s hard up for cash).

And now, of course, for the inimitable Gene Wilder:


  1. mama, make it stop…the final Cooksian insult:
    Apple advertising has turned into a nauseating, imitation Hallmark card.

    oh, for the days of Chiat-Day.

    It used to be great fun to log into MDN and see what the latest and greatest cool stuff Apple was doing, now it’s what has Cook fucked-up today.

    One Infinite Circle Jerk

    1. Trouble is for whatever reason Chiat Day lost the plot years ago, at least when it came to Apple. Indeed the vanity projects you would see in their ‘designer’ offices where draws were anathema to the aesthetic rather infected Apple as a parting gift I fear.

  2. Im waiting for the Nightmare on Elm Street where Cook goes on stage and pulls off his skin to reveal Steve Ballmer as if he has just done something clever.

    Apple needed a safe pair of hands for some years after the loss of Steve, but hell there is safe and solid and then theres glacial and insipid. And that IS becoming scary because while the Dr was a genius the creation that followed him was pretty dumb however likeable he comes across.

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