Apple syncs call logs via iCloud, but it’s more of an annoyance than security risk

“Kim Zetter, reporting for The Intercept, explains that Apple is backing up call logs for phone, FaceTime, and third-party apps using CallKit under iOS 10, as long as you have iCloud enabled,” Dan Moren writes for Six Colors.

“Okay, so, there are a few things going on here that have all got conflated into one story,” Moren writes. “Some of it is innocuous, some of it is a bit eyebrow-raising, and some of it falls into the inconvenience area.”

“The bigger issue here is that Apple has made a big stand on privacy and being protective of its users’ data, and so it’s a bit at odds with that stated purpose to retain this information without notifying its users,” Moren writes. “If I had to bet, I’d guess a subsequent version of iOS will prompts users to allow this data to be synced, and let them opt out via the Privacy controls.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple needs to be more transparent about what’s happening and allow users to clearly opt-out if they want.

Privacy means people know what they’re signing up for in plain English and repeatedly. That’s what it means. I’m an optimist. I believe people are smart. Some people want to share more data than other people do. Ask them. Ask them every time. Make them tell you to stop asking them if they get tired of your asking. Let them know precisely what you’re going to do with their data. That’s what we think. — Steve Jobs, 2010

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    1. I would not necessarily advocate of iCloud being abolished. I would, rather, that Apple improve their offerings. I subscribe to iCloud, as well as, Dropbox. I assure you both are not 100 percent perfect. Here’s an example: my dropbox is not sync-ing properly. When I log in to my 17″ MBP, one of the files that I updated shows the current modified date. When I log in to my 15″ MBP, that same file is several weeks old. Here’s the kicker, both MBPs are next to each other.

        1. This is what I did. I uninstalled Dropbox on both laptops and reinstalled it back. It still gave me the same problems. I can only surmise that it’s a Dropbox service problem. I’m not seeing the problem in iCloud. At this point, I’m just hanging on until a better option appears.

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