Apple’s hidden MacBook Pro discounts

“After a long wait for a new MacBook Pro design, the pent-up demand was released by Apple last month with its announcement of new hardware,” Ewan Spence writes for Forbes. “Sales on these ‘late 2016′ models have been faster than any laptop currently on the market, and the critical reaction has been positive but not overwhelming.”

“There are consumers who are upset at the lack of backward compatible ports, and the high cost that Apple has placed on its premium laptop,” Spence writes. “Thankfully there is an answer to both of these issues, and it is lurking in the digital depths of the online Apple Store.”

“Apple’s refurb section recently returned to the spotlight with the appearance of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S models. Unlike the smartphone models, there has been a constant turnover of MacBook Pros (and Macbook Airs) for many years. The machines generally come with a $200-$300 discount depending on the model, but Apple will still offer a twelve-month warranty and you can purchase Apple Care for the same price as those who buy their MacBooks new,” Spence writes. “For those looking for a MacBook with an extensive array of ports, including ethernet, USB-A, and firewire, the refurb MacBook Pro machines will make a lot of sense.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple Certified Refurbished products are the best in the business. No, you won’t find Touch Bar-equpiied MacBook Pros in there just yet, but there are usually some good deals to be had.

Apple Certified Refurbished:


      1. Uh no, I don’t use student loans. I have a successful career outside of post-graduate school. I make enough to pay my tuition out of pocket. Are you NOT a student? If you haven’t committed yourself to lifelong learning, that is why you think these are expensive. They are tools of the mind, a priceless commodity which I want to have the maximum capability.

  1. No doubt. If you’re willing to work with tech that is perhaps not the latest then going refurb is the way to go.

    What’s even better is that you can get AppleCare on refurbished machines, which seals the deal.

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