Apple purged 47,300 apps from App Store in October

“Earlier this year, Apple promised it would clean up its iOS App Store by removing outdated, abandoned apps, including those that no longer meet current guidelines or don’t function as intended,” Sarah Perez reports for TechCrunch. “That great App Store purge now appears to be underway, according to new data from app intelligence firm Sensor Tower.”

“Apple had originally stated that the deadline for developers who wanted their outdated apps spared was September 7, 2016. However, Apple didn’t take immediate action during the month in terms of large-scale removals,” Perez reports. “That seems to have changed in October, when 47,300 apps were removed from the App Store, Sensor Tower discovered. The company found that app removals increased by 238 percent in October 2016, with mobile games seeing the most deletions.”

“The report found that of the 47,300 total apps removed, around 28 percent were games,” Perez reports. “This category was followed by Entertainment, Books, Education and Lifestyle.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: ‘Tis good to get and keep things cleaned up as the App Store continues to grow. According to Sensor Tower, Apple’s App Store will more than double in size by 2020, surpassing the 5 million apps milestone!


    1. CPW, please don’t go there. For the past eight years we have been inundated by politicrap from Fwhatever, botty, and other (mostly anonymous) posters. They griped and griped. If that wasn’t enough, now that they finally got a POTUS election “win” (if you can call it that), they continue to post politicrap.

      But the rest of us need to take the high road. Either don’t respond or, as I am doing, spend more of your time on MacRumors and other Apple-related sites rather than MDN. Vote with your time and clicks…maybe MDN will get the message.

      Don’t stoop to their level.

      1. Thanks for the friendly reminder, KingMel.

        Due in part to the right-wing political nastiness here, which has always been offensive but lately has just been over the top, I’ve started going to,, and I have still been visiting MDN, but I’m meticulously avoiding clicking any sponsor links on this site until the nastiness abates a tad.

        1. We don’t need girly men here at MDN, you guys are welcome to go to the other sites. Apparently you are low information voters, go take a look at and see all the treasonous things Hellary did ( like using the Clinton Foundation to get rich, from being “broke” after Bill leaving office ( her own words) to having now 225 millions)

    1. They may have worked, but they may not have meet with current guidelines, or the developer is gone and they would get no more updates or any support. Wonder how many checks Apple sends to Devs that are gone and don’t cash them..

      1. Feelsbad for those users that paid to buy those Apps and may still be using them. Once their current device with the App goes belly up it’s gone. Or is there a way to store your purchased Apps locally to reload w/o the App Store?

        As for uncashed checks, if they aren’t cashed are they not counted in ‘payments to developers’ if the total is significant enough?

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