Apple’s new MacBook Pros have non-removable SSD

“While the new entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro with function keys has a removable SSD, the same cannot be said for the Touch Bar model,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors.

“MacRumors reader Jesse D. unscrewed the bottom lid on his new 15-inch MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar and discovered, unlike the 13-inch model sans Touch Bar, there is no cutout in the logic board for removable flash storage,” Rossignol reports. “Another reader said the 13-inch model with a Touch Bar also has a non-removable SSD.”

“Given the SSD appears to be permanently soldered to the logic board, users will be unable to upgrade the Touch Bar MacBook Pro’s flash storage beyond Apple’s 512GB to 2TB built-to-order options on its website at the time of purchase,” Rossignol reports. “These are the first MacBook Pro models to ship with non-removable SSDs, following in the footsteps of the 12-inch MacBook.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Always max out your Mac purchases with RAM, storage, and CPU as best your budget allows and, with proper handling, it’ll last many, many years.


    1. It’s becoming harder to make excuses for Apple. This is partly planned obselecense. When you spend so much money on something and it’s effectively designed as a throw away, it’s a terrible investment.

    2. Sell it on eBay before the AppleCare warranty is up, or …

      If AppleCare is out, just plug in my SSD clone and keep going until a 3rd party repair shop will desolder and resolder a new SSD.

    3. Data recovery is the bigger issue. Yes we should back up, but it’s not always the answer, often it’s necessary to get at the data on the unit.

      Service centers are often dealing with units with liquid damage, people who did back up, but the back up is corrupt etc. Business travellers who left there backup at home.

      Believe me all this stuff happens everyday at service centers. Now not only do you get to tell the customer that their $3000 laptop isn’t covered by warranty, but you can’t get at their data either.

      Another few thousand and a few weeks at a data recovery specialist might get them going again.

  1. This just compounds the mistake of removing the SD card slot.

    When my daughter bought her MBAir 13″ from her college bookstore, they only had the 128gb model in stock. Not wanting to wait, she bought it. Later, when she told me she was running out of disk space, I bought her a 128gb Trandscend JetDrive that popped into the SD slot and doubled her storage for about $90. it’s not as fast as the native SSD, but she’s put it to use as bulk storage. It fits flush, matches the MBAir finish, and is no longer an option for the new MBPros.

    1. Yeah, I did the same for my MB Air, popped a 128GB USB 3 flash drive in, it is very small and does not stick out at all. Cost was $30. And doubled my storage. Oh wait, there is no USB3 port anymore on the new MBP laptops…..oh well.

  2. Apple has decided they want to make your Mac a throwaway device you replace every 2-3 years instead of an investment you can upgrade and keep. Refresh cycles used to be determined by the rapid upscaling of features and performance, but as that has slowed, Apple is replacing screws with sealed boxes.

    If you own a Mac Pro workstation you can add USB 3, eSata, SSDs, upgrade CPUs with a tray swap from OWC, drop in a new Graphics Card and all kinds of cool stuff. Your iMac is a sealed box and is stuck in whatever configuration it shipped as. Same for the Mac mini and MacBooks.

    Why do you think there is a significant resale market for computers Apple stopped shipping 4 years ago.

    1. I have the first gen retina mbp. It is still extremely fast and looks brilliant. It is 4 years old. Compare that to my previous mbp which got very sluggish after 3 years. Or my old 17 inch PowerBook that was both a slug and the screen died after 3 years.
      The battery does need replacing. This is an Apple only repair but will also replace the keyboard which has been sticking. For $250 I get a machine that could be good for another 4 years.
      I am having problems justifying getting the new mbp since this one still kicks ass.

        1. That says something pretty sad about Apple’s quality if you’ve had to use Apple Care that much. I know I have too. My current MacBook Air and the previous one both had to be repaired due to the sound failing. Both happened just after the first year. So Apple Care to the rescue. But it tells me Apple’s build quality isn’t what people think it is. I’ve also had to repair several iMacs.

  3. Question: Apple had mentioned this new SSD was faster. Is that due to the inner workings/components/design of the drive, or is it, in any part, due to not having a plug-in interface?

    1. In reality, the SSD is no faster then a new Samsung EVO, which is a standard devices, that standardly fits in any standard Motherboard made standardly in 2016..

      its the new standard..

      except apples is crammed into a custom shape with a custom pin alignment, so even if you COULD get it off the logic board you can’t even replace it with a cheaper large standard widget..

      1. Meh is an idiot. While the Samsung Evo reads/writes at about 500 MB/sec, the ones in the 2015 MBP do about 1300 MB/sec. The ones in the new MBP are even faster, up to 3200 MB/sec read and 2300 MB/sec write. So there is a reason why they are so expensive.

        1. My new NVMe drive does that speed. In fact it does more. Because I am not limited to just one of them in my hackintosh. I have 2, in raid 0, and see speeds upwards of 4000-5000 depending on the file type/application.

          Not as fancy pants looking as the macbook though.. so you totally got me on looks…

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  5. I didn’t even know the hard drive could be swapped out on the old retina MBPs. I always buy a new machine every 3 years anyway, and this time I did upgrade to 1 TB up from 512 GB. I didn’t even need more than 512, but it was getting pretty full. 1 TB will be plenty for me. All other specs I did max out. This thing is amazing. Touch ID is probably my favorite new functional feature, and I do cherish the asthetics of the much darker body as well.

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