Just like Steve Jobs, president-elect Trump to take just $1 in annual salary

“During what seemed an interminable campaign, a divided country found all kinds of ways to describe Donald Trump: visionary businessman, vulgar self-promoter, political neophyte,” Lesley Stahl reports for 60 Minutes. “But after Tuesday, for all Americans, there’s only one description that counts: president-elect.

What we discovered in Mr. Trump’s first television interview as president-elect,” Stahl reports, “was that some of his signature issues at the heart of his campaign were not meant to be taken literally, but as opening bids for negotiation.”

Like Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Donald Trump plans to take a salary of just $1 annually as U.S. president.

From the transcript:

President-elect of the United States Donald trump and First Lady of the United States Designate Melania Trump
President-elect of the United States Donald trump and First Lady of the United States Designate Melania Trump
Lesley Stahl: What about vacations? You’re not going to take any vacations? You’ve said that.

Donald Trump: We have so much work. There’s so much work to be done. And I want to get it done for the people. I want to get it done. We’re lowering taxes, we’re taking care of health care. I mean, there’s just so much to be done. So I don’t think we’ll be very big on vacations, no.

Lesley Stahl: Are you gonna take the salary, the president’s salary?

Donald Trump: Well, I’ve never commented on this, but the answer is no. I think I have to by law take $1, so I’ll take $1 a year. But it’s a — I don’t even know what it is.

Donald Trump: Do you know what the salary is?

Lesley Stahl: $400,000 you’re giving up.

Donald Trump: No, I’m not gonna take the salary. I’m not taking it.

Full transcript and video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Jobsian, at least in one respect.

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs took $1 salary again in 2010 – January 7, 2011
Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs took $1 salary again in 2008 – January 08, 2009
Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs took $1 salary again in 2007 – January 23, 2008
Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs took $1 salary again in 2006 – April 16, 2007
Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs took $1 salary again in 2005 – March 13, 2006
Secrets behind Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ $1 annual salary – February 03, 2006
Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs took $1 salary again in 2004 – March 15, 2005
Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs took $1 salary again in 2003 – March 11, 2004


  1. President-elect Donald Trump discussed the conversation he had with his wife Melania before deciding to run for president in an interview with The Washington Post in April 2016.

    “She said, ‘We have such a great life. Why do you want to do this?’”

    Trump replied. “I said, I sort of have to do it, I think. I really have to do it.”

    Melania said, “I hope you don’t do it, but if you run, you’ll win.”

    1. Repeat post, Fwhatever.

      Perhaps Trump just wants to avoid filing a tax return on his government wage?! Besides, why should it impress us that a self-proclaimed multi-billionaire passes up $400K in salary? Is that truly a sacrifice?

      1. It should go to an organization for Veterans to help with homelessness, prosthetics, mobile scooters, etc…., just like the Clintons speech fees at $300,000 each should. Remind me again how many have they given? Like you, I’m not impressed.

        1. Interesting you say that. Trump, as we all know, is a charlatan who talks a great game but who doesn’t actually do what he says.

          Much of the Clintons’ fundraising was specifically for charitable purposes. Their foundation, believe it or not, actually does a lot of good things. CharityWatch gives the Clinton foundation an “A” rating. GuideStar gives the Clinton Foundation a platinum seal for transparency. 88% of money went directly to people in need. 11.5 million people received HIV/AIDS medicines. Money was sent to Nepal for earthquake relief. East African farmers have received seeds and fertilizers.

          But since botvin-asshole and FirstWhatever don’t actually give a damn about Americans, let alone people who happen to have been born in other nations, they will just paste the labels of “Crooked” onto anyone named Clinton. They are brainwashed through hate radio and faux news to believe it.

          Meanwhile, these idiots ignore the reality of the president elect. Trump’s foundation was ordered by the NY State Attorney General to halt fundraising and are actively investigating it for several illegal actions. Charity watchdogs universally rate Trump’s charitable work as poor, nontransparent, and unfocused … and much of its work illegal. It made a $25k political contribution in 2013, amongst many other small gifts of questionable ethics. The foundation has been used to pay the settlement fees of many of Trump’s lost lawsuits. At a charity golf tournament, a $1 million prize was advertised for a hole-in-one. The winning golfer was stiffed, he sued, and he won a $158k settlement out of court. So Lying Trump the cheapskate used foundation money that other people donated to pay the fee. Some of the donors to the Trump foundation seem to honestly think their money would be used for good. But ongoing investigation shows that it’s a slush fund that Trump uses — many media organizations paying in order to gain access or publishing rights.

          What charitable giving has the Trump Foundation made? A paltry $475k over the past 5 years. That is an average of $95k per year, which is about the salary of one person New York City. Do you think that secretary spent the whole year volunteering for charitable causes? I think not. She was busy copying Michell Obama’s speech for Melania to give at the RNC circus this year.

          America, you have been conned.

          1. Funny how the Clintons have gotten so RICH from working in government. You know, the place where you serve the people and not the place where you use your position to self serve and self enrich.

            And with the Clinton Global Initiative taking in millions in charitable donations and to get on Clinton’s short list of access, because everyone thought she’d be where Trump is now, I wonder if they would ask for their money back. I have heard Hillary speak and have to say, her speeches are not worth $220.000.00 for 20 minutes. And speaking of taxes, I would love to see what an audit of CGI trumps up!

            I bet, in the not too distant future, this idea of charity through the means of the Clinton Global Initiative, that CGI will slowly be wound down and end.

            1. “And speaking of taxes, I would love to see what an audit of CGI trumps up!” – (sigh) here we go again, more Botvinnik bots….

              The CGI has been audited and is being audited regularly. The audits are a matter of public record, and each time have given the CGI a clean bill of health.

              Funny how you ignore that the same can’t be said for the Trump Foundations and companies….

            2. the clean bill of health you refer to is not breaking tax law. where the money comes from and where it goes is the million dollar question. Clinton’s left the White House broke and 15 years later they are multi-millionaires for air talk. hello?!?

            3. Where the money comes from and where it goes is both a matter of public record (again, that seems to be your constant weakness) and of the frequent audits (which, again, are public record), as well as being listed on the CGI website (another public record).

              I assume you go through life with your eyes clenched shut?

              You’re talking about the CGI, yet complaining about the Clintons being millionaires – obfuscating their foundation and their personal wealth. Regardless, seeing as how Clinton has released over 30 years of her and her husband’s tax records, the sources of their personal wealth are, again, a matter of public record, now.

              We keep coming back to that, aren’t we? Public record. All of your questions are being answered by sources in the public record, which you appear ignorant about, and refuse to look up, making you willfully ignorant. No surprise, there.

            4. Once again, you could look at their public tax returns, and you would have the answer to that question you keep begging (a weak logical fallacy, too).

              I’m not doing your homework, when the information is so well documented.

              Though, I assume, ‘begging the question’ is all you’ll ever do, since you know that, factually, you got nothing.

            5. We can only hope the FBI finishes a fair and balanced investigation of CGI. If not, the next administration needs to take a fresh look at how they became millionaires in a short period of time, while supposedly as you say, serving the people in public service. What a crock of 💩💩💩💩💩

            6. you have dodged my question. how do you leave the WH broke and worth over a 100 million dollars 15 years later? and by the way, the FBI investigation is going on now. the fact you don’t know that only reinforces how out of touch you are.

            7. I haven’t dodged anything – I have provided you with the answer. The fact that you don’t like it, since it requires looking at facts, is not my concern.

              Tax returns show the source of income, and since the Clinton tax returns go back 30 years, the 15-year span you refer to is covered by those tax returns.

              Finally, there is no current FBI probe into the CGI or into the Clinton’s private wealth – if there were, you would provide a link to your sources.


            8. I told you where you can find the answer – you keep doubling-down on proving your own ignorance.

              Look at the tax returns for their sources of income – I’m not going to do it for you.

              Besides, the Clintons have made $230 million, not $100 million – and again, the information is publicly available, and is incredibly obvious.

              Obvious, except to uneducated rubes like you, obviously.

              Wanna know how? Read their tax returns.

          2. Not a Trump voter, not a Hillbot.

            The Clintons are grifters who have used the Foundation in many ways and the least significant is charity. It has been used to enrich, employ and steer business to Clinton allies and hangers on. The Gates Foundation wants their money back thanks to the fast and loose administration of the so-called charity- it scared the shit out of them.

            Meanwhile back in Clintonland, Bill and Hill have bought another home for Chelsea since they are setting her up to take the local Congressional seat when the siting member who is 79, retires or resigns. Why earn your way into the elite when you can have it given to you?

            I am no fan of The Donald, but see Hillary as just as big a grifter and phony. They have damn near destroyed the nation’s oldest political party and the unrepentant Clintonistas seem determined to finish the job. One thing about the Clintons and their acolytes- they are shameless.

            1. The media completely ignored how badly she lost in Arkansas.

              Bill was Governor for 12 years and I cannot think of one good thing he did while in power. I do remember he raised our taxes more than once.

            2. Another avatar for botvinnik, DavGreg?

              “The Gates Foundation wants their money back thanks to the fast and loose administration of the so-called charity- it scared the shit out of them.” – funny how you have no sources to back that up?

              …. that’s because there are no sources to back up your garbage.

              “Not a Trump voter” – Yeah, right!

            3. one more time, liar…

              On December 20, 1998, on 60 Minutes Steve Kroft interviewed George Soros where Soros, a Hungarian Jew, admitted collaborating with the Nazis as a teenager and stated: “…I had no sense of guilt.”

            4. … and here we get to the juice of why Botvinnik and his avatars hate Soros so much:

              Kroft: Do you believe in God?


              Kroft: Soros told us God was created by man, not the other way around.

              Soros doesn’t believe in Bottie’s imaginary skydaddy. Tells you all.

            5. I have been posting here since not long after this site launched. I also supported Senator Sanders throughout the Primary season.

              The Hillbots stole the Primary and used disinformation, outright lies and a servile press to set Shillary up. We earned you about her vulnerability in November, but all the Hillbots could think about was getting a woman in the White House- apparently any old woman would do.

              I voted for Gary Johnson- not Trump, but many Trump voters were concerned about similar issues as Sanders voters. Most are not what Hillbots call them, they are people deeply disgusted with the status quo and concerned for their future. Shillary told them “everything is OK and I will be Obama’s third term”.

              The Clinton Foundation is an ugly mess. The Clintons have been, are and will continue to be self entitled grifters who have made a mockery out of public service.

              Go tell David Brock (Correct the Record) and Robby Mook that I approved this message.

      2. That’s an extremely and needlessly hostile post, KingMel.

        Why should a man who clearly understands business and seeks profit give up ANY money on the table?

        Trump put up his own money on his campaign, while his opponent, Hillary put up zero of her own money, even given that much of it came from foreign donors and giant Wall Street banks.

        Clearly you don’t like Trump, but he is your president now, I’d say give him a chance to see if he can keep the promises he made before he got elected. Now if you don’t like the promises he made, too bad, he won the election based upon them. So they are the will of the voters.

        1. What Trump should have said is “yes, I am taking a salary. The President earns $400/k a year and I am work 10x that. America is getting a deal with paying me only $400k/yr”.

          First off, the president can’t just take $1 a year. he is a federal employee and by lay he is required to be paid. He can choose to donate his salary but he has to accept it (as did JFK who donated it).

          Comparing Trump accepting $1 is not the same as Jobs accepting $1. Jobs received hundreds of millions of dollars in stocks and options and was given a jet that cost millions. Jobs was justly compensated.

          1. Seriously, Bottie, this is getting tiresome – talking with you is like having a discussion with a lobotomized turd:


            Q: Is it true that there are bills in Congress that would exempt members and their staffs and families from buying into “Obamacare”?
            A: No. Congress members and staffers will be required to buy insurance through the exchanges on Jan. 1.

            More specifically:


            They can choose not to purchase medical coverage through the exchanges, and purchase much more expensive coverage (i.e. lose the subsidy), but they are required to be covered by Obamacare compliant health insurance.

            Once again, publicly available information, which once again, you ignore. You’re just lucky this isn’t taking place IRL.

      1. Today, Nigel Farage has revealed that Donald Trump will re-install a bust of Winston Churchill removed from the Oval Office by Barack Obama – in a clear sign of the friendship the new President wishes to foster with Britain.

        how cool is that?

  2. This is another thing that very likely will turn out to not be true.

    Trump needs to give up all outside income while POTUS. He needs to put all of his holdings into some system where he has no knowledge of how his actions are affecting his personal wealth. That’s the way it’s been, and should continue to be.

    So, if he’s not getting any income whatsoever from any of his holdings, then how is he going to pay for things?

    Yes, there are some things POTUS must pay for out of his own pocket. It’s not a lot (certainly not $400,000 a year’s worth), but it is vastly more than $1.00.

    Steve Jobs didn’t have to give up any of his non Apple holdings when he was leading Apple. He was the biggest single shareholder of Disney. He held stock in many other companies. His income from those entities alone allowed him to pay his bills — and when they didn’t he could always sell part of his non Apple holdings or even part of his Apple holdings. POTUS can do none of that.

    This may go down as just another statement Trump has made that will not be carried out once he’s in office.

    1. No kidding, eh?

      He has until January to pad a savings account big enough to make any Apple shareholder blush.

      Of course, it’s quite common for a CEO to take a $1 salary. Mark Zuckerberg does it as well.

    2. “So, if he’s not getting any income whatsoever from any of his holdings, then how is he going to pay for things?” – are you really that clueless?

      His holdings and assets are already held by corporations and legal entities. Those companies have accountants on staff that take care of “paying for things”.

      Seriously, your entire argument is just dumb.

    3. Reading the other comments in this thread – are you guys, like, 10 years old, and living in the Appalachians?

      “savings” ???

      Taking $1/year as salary is more or less common if a CEO doesn’t want to show any salary, and has his expenses paid for by his employer.

      The US government is now Trump’s employer, and will be paying for his expenses as President. His personal business and expenses will be paid by his accountant and managed by his holdings, or whatever of his kids manage them.

    1. Hehehee, that’s a good one, bot! Made me laugh. Not trusting the gubmint, eh? Me either. Bunch of bureaucratic jerks. Republicans and democrats. Anyway, I want ALL ILLEGALS, illegal aliens, deported. Illegals. Illegal. ALL muslims screened and MADE to pledge allegiance to the USA constitution. They CANNOT and remain Muslim. Koran absolutely forbids that! Although it does teach them to try to kill, and otherwise cause havoc to ALL non muslims. Bunch of jerks. Kick’em out unless they swear allegiance to our constitution. As a combat Vietnam vet, I did.

  3. “opening bids for negotiation” – really?!

    Trump: I’ll kill you and your whole family!
    People: Ahh! No!
    Trump: OK, just your kids.

    Ugh. Thanks for trying to normalize a tyrant, 60 Minutes.

  4. Funny, the transcript doesn’t indicate Leslie Stahl compared Trump to Jobs at any time. Wonder where the idea they are alike is coming from? Trump wouldn’t even let Jobs parents into the country.

            1. I repeat: Actions speak louder than words. Guy talk and women talk, actually women are worse in my experience, is just that.

              What is the problem?

              Tell me you support Bill Clinton’s philandering over decades. Hmmm?

            2. Why would I lie about support Clinton’s philandering? I never said I supported it. Perhaps you can’t read at an elementary school level. I advocated impeaching Clinton on TV. Cameras rolling, show broadcast.. sitting there with my fellow Arizona Militia brothers. Do you not understand English. Do you live is such a fantasy world (obviously you do if you support an admitted sexual assaulter)?

              Tell me why you excuse sexual assault? Tell me why you excuse racism? Tell me why you excuse misogyny?

              By the way. Actions do not speak louder than words. Ask the 6 to however many millions of Jews that died because of hitlers words.

              Doubly stupid p*ssy grabbed idiot.

            3. “I advocated impeaching Clinton on TV.”

              Good. Oh, and I can read at doctorate level just fine.

              “Tell me why you excuse sexual assault? Tell me why you excuse racism? Tell me why you excuse misogyny?”

              I excuse NONE. That said, private guy talk is just words, not actions.

              “By the way. Actions do not speak louder than words. Ask the 6 to however many millions of Jews that died because of hitlers words.”

              Words lead to action. Not one word since the beginning of time has killed anyone. Actions speak louder than words. How clueless can you be?

              “Doubly stupid p*ssy grabbed idiot.”

              Yeah, whatever clueless …

            4. LOL… the last resort of the loser… “whatever”.

              Yeah… locker room talk…. “Today, video surfaced of Donald Trump using vulgar language to discuss women, at one point remarking that because he’s a star, women let him grab them “by the pussy.” “You can do anything,” he added.

              I’m not going to waste my time talking slowly any more. He says he grabs them by the pussy. He says he does it all the time.

              You support the sexual assaulter… why am I not surprised that with his hand on your p*ssy, you have your lips firmly attached to his an*s.

              Oh and you did and do excuse it.. .you voted for the idiot and support the idiot still even though he just made a fool out of you all. He had no intention of doing the things you fell for.


            5. You have consistently dodged the question.

              Bill Clinton had a healthy sex life CHEATING on his wife and LYING to everyone, including his wife and daughter for DECADES.

              And you think this is more acceptable to Trump pussy guy talk?

              Yes or no, hmmm?

            6. Still don’t understand plain English, I see. trumpsters admitted and ongoing sexual assault is worse than someone having an affair. An affair is consensual. Walking up to a woman and kissing her or grabbing her p*ssy without consent is a crime and the trumpster, on tape admitted to doing it in the past and that it was a normal thing for him to do. Try to keep up. One is bad judgement. The other is a crime. Is that plain enough for you?

            7. Bill Clinton had a healthy sex life CHEATING on his wife and lying to everyone. And you think this is more acceptable to Trump guy talk?

              Wow, what can I say …

            8. Say whatever you want. What I say is you support an admitted sexual assaulter. People cheat on their spouses and lie about it all the time. NO ONE claims they commit sexual assault as a matter of course and are proud of it. If you don’t see the difference… I now know why you allow that hand to continue to hold your p*ssy.

            9. You have consistently dodged the question.

              Bill Clinton had a healthy sex life CHEATING on his wife and LYING to everyone, including his wife and daughter for DECADES.

              And you think this is more acceptable to Trump pussy guy talk?

            1. Peace. What peace. So things worked out for your eh.. you got your racist, bigoted, misogynistic, unprepared, ripoff artist and you talk about peace? Are you serious. I’ll tell you what, when the trumpster takes his hand off your p*ssy and you realize what a joke his presidency is and there are no jobs and there is no middle class and there is not wall and there is not deportation and there is no…. you get the idea.


            2. Guy talk about hand on a pussy is just that. The President that had his hands on a lot of pussy was Bill Clinton.

              But you have no problem with him.

              Reality means more than words. Do you understand?

              I believe your misguided liberal belief structure will be proven wrong over time.

              Give peace a chance … 🤗

            3. LOLOLOL… Yeah.. I’ve heard plenty of locker room talk where everyone admitted to sexual assaults as a matter or course. Hey, I can get away with it cause I am a star. Please… spare me…. You know that even the worst guys don’t advocate sexual assault as a matter of policy. Don’t be stupid.

              Here is a clue… I sat on a Public Access TV show with the Arizona Militia and openly advocated impeaching Clinton so your preconceived notion is just your stupidity showing through.

              LOL… misguided… I may have beliefs but at least I don’t base my beliefs on the idiot that has his hand on your p*ssy.

              Stupid. Give peace a chance.. you have got to be kidding.

            4. “I may have beliefs but at least I don’t base my beliefs on the idiot that has his hand on your p*ssy.”

              Guy braggadocio talk in private. Women are worse.

              Let me explain this to you one last time. Bull guy talk, got it?

              Now let’s look at Bill Clinton’s record with women over decades. Do you have a problem with his accusers and behavior?

            5. It’s obvious you have reading comprehension issues and no… guys do not advocate and admit to sexual assault in private. DON’T BE STUPID. Oh wait… you let a sexual assaulter grab you by the p*ssy… and you’re not even beautiful.

              Again. Let me say this slowly. I.Advocated.Impeaching.Clinton.On.TV. With.The.Arizona.Militia.

              Was that slow enough for your stupid as*?

            6. LOL….having an ego is a bad thing… oh wait, the trumpster has an ego.. after all he knows more than generals that have been studying military strategy for decades…

              why am I not surprised at the cognitive dissonance of you ego comment…


            7. By the way… elections never work out in my favor… nor yours.. The do have heavy drugs for your depression with you find out how you’ve been lied to and fooled by the orange man who would be king.

            8. Spare me your Libtard pity. I don’t need it.

              Wow, you really are clueless.

              Let’s get this question answered: You have consistently dodged an answer.

              Bill Clinton had a healthy sex life CHEATING on his wife and LYING to everyone, including his wife and daughter for DECADES.

              And you think this is more acceptable to Trump pussy guy talk?

              And the answer is ???

  5. “You know, my main reaction to this money thing is that it’s humorous, all the attention to it, because it’s hardly the most insightful or valuable thing that’s happened to me. But it makes me feel old, sometimes, when I speak at a campus and I find that what students are most in awe of is the fact that I’m a millionaire.
    I don’t get a salary at Apple. I get a dollar a year so that my family can be on the health plan, but that’s it. I make 50 cents for showing up … and the other 50 cents is based on my performance.”

    “Steve Jobs Bio: The Unauthorized Autobiography.”

    Check out this book on the iBooks Store: https://itun.es/nl/qB1h3.l

  6. Trump has said he would donate $$ to numerous organizations and no records can be found that he did. Could this be Turmp just spouting off and no fallow through? Then there is the possibility of financial gain through his presidential agenda. An example is the Keystone Pipeline which he said he would approve. I have to admit that I Ihave not checked the validity of a website that stated Trump has stock in the company that would build the pipeline—can you say conflict of interest.

  7. Nothin’ like good ok’ American politics to fire up the creative juices.

    Like ‘me or ‘hate ’em…..I’d love to see The Donald allow Apple to repatriotate a bunch of its cash stock pile and allow for re-investment in America.

    And yeah, I’m a Canadian but think that would be great for the company and the economy.

    That could happen under Trump. Is that good or bad? I don’t know….you guys tell me. I don’t see a downside to America though.

        1. This coming from an uneducated rube like you, I consider that a compliment, since whatever you say is usually the opposite of reality.

          “No clue” – I have already posted an extensive explanation and analysis why there is little to no upside, elsewhere in this thread. I know you read it, hence it’s safe to assume you’re the one without any clue.

          “partisan hate” – presenting an economic opinion is now, somehow, ‘partisan’ because you don’t like the opinion? Wow, MDN seriously needs to drain the swamp, but as KingMel pointed out, they won’t.

          1. uneducated rube? your first mistake is to ASSUME you know anything about me or others on MDN. you are a condescending arrogant a-hole! I have better things to do than respond to your insulting sophistry.

            1. Actually, I know pretty much all I need to know about you, duplicate accounts, and who you think your compatriots are…

              “I have better things to do than respond to your insulting sophistry” – translation: “you are hitting to close to home, I can’t counter your facts, so I’ll run away and come back under my other avatar”


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