Analyst: Intel’s on-die silicon photonics tech is mind-blowing

“Intel may have come up with a technology that will be a ‘game-changer’ for the company, if not the whole semiconductor industry,” Mark Tyson reports for HEXUS. “As reported by Barron’s tech trading blog, an analyst from Susquehanna Financial Group has barely been able to contain himself after learning about Intel’s proof-of-concept ‘chip-scale photonics’ technology.”

“Christopher Rolland of SFG Research didn’t reveal his sources, reports Barron’s, but based upon what he has learned has upgraded the target price for Intel stock from $42 to $45,” Tyson reports. “This positive rating comes from learning of a new technology that ‘could be one of the most important of our generation,’ and ‘mitigate Moore’s Law.'”

“According to Rolland it is being used in a proof-of-concept silicon chip that is working as ‘a super high-speed optical interconnect between a Xeon server CPU and an Altera FPGA,'” Tyson reports. “The Wall Street market analyst goes on to say that, ‘This technology is nothing short of miraculous and we view it as a potential game changer for Intel and the semiconductor industry,’ saying it will take three to five years to reach commercialization.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This certainly sounds promising, to say the least!


    1. Sounds like Samdung telling everyone how fabulous the Note8 is or will be or something. And they have magically fixed any exploding issues of all their products by praying.

      Unicorns, flying pigs, leprechauns, and Santa are all completely real. Take my word for it. Blahahaha

  1. The article doesn’t throw much light on the technique, other than to explain that it uses light as a fast interconnect.

    It may prove to be an important breakthrough, or it may just end up as an interesting experiment. It’s far too early to say which.

    It’s not long ago that Liquid Metal was being talked about in such terms, but so far all we’ve got our hands on so far is high quality SIM ejector tools.

  2. So by 2021 we *might* have 100 Gbps Light Peak (200 Gbps with two bonded channels like TB2 & TB3). We’ll likely need it by then.

    Or, by then they may just jump to the 1.6 Tbps MCX interconnect they teased back in 2013 as the true replacement for Light Peak.

  3. China has already hacked and downloaded all the research and IP, With engineers and scientists educated in our best schools there’s probably a facility in Shenzhen that will bring this tech to market before Intel.

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