Evidence suggests Apple is working on the biggest mobile game-changer since the original iPhone

“Apple hasn’t yet managed to keep up with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus demand, suggesting that the company’s new iPhones are a hit,” Zach Epstein writes for BGR.

“In fact, iPhone sales in the September quarter came in slightly higher than Wall Street was expecting, even though supply of both new models was severely constrained,” Epstein writes. “But even though Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have been so far, demand for next year’s new iPhones is expected to dwarf this year’s models thanks to a massive iPhone redesign [for which] Apple fans have been waiting.”

“As exciting as next year’s new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus sound, however, new evidence suggests that Apple is working to bring an exciting new feature to its iPhone lineup that could be the biggest smartphone game-changer the world has seen since the first iPhone was released nearly a decade ago in 2007,” Epstein writes. “Mounting evidence suggests that the company is working on the biggest game-changer that the smartphone industry has seen since the very first iPhone was unveiled nearly 10 years ago at the Macworld convention in January 2007.”

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MacDailyNews Take: True wireless charging would indeed deliver the biggest mobile game-changer since the original iPhone.

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    1. The wireless charging technology that’s been deployed so far is pretty crappy. I think that Apple will be introducing a much more advanced form of wireless charging, which doesn’t require the device to be virtually touching the charging pad, it will only need to be within a foot or two of the charger.

      1. Yes. I’ve never been too impressed with current “wireless” charging. You still need to place the phone on the wired charging device. Inserting the Lightning cable has never been a chore.

      2. A foot or two from the charger isnt that much better than plugging it in. It’s not a game changer because you’re still be tethered to the charging device by a two foot distance – no different than a two foot cable. Maybe, if it gave you an entire room to move around, but that’s a lot of electromagnetic radiation be to be constantly wading in right? It’s like living in a low power microwave oven slowly cooking your balls (or ovaries) into a crisp.

        1. Mmm, no. It depends upon the wavelength/frequency of the electromagnetic energy. Transmitting power in the microwave range, that which excites H2O molecules…, would be a really bad idea. Who needs to worry about EM induced cancer when you’re already cooked to death.

          There are other methods/EM spectrum for transferring power that don’t kill us. I’m no expert, but I can point out that radio frequency EM waves transfer energy, as witnessed if you’ve every played with a crystal radio set. Long wave, high amplitude, short range radio would be one method that doesn’t fry living matter. As for how much energy could be transmitted, I do not know.

          1. Maybe not kill us outright, but it only takes a few strands of DNA to be hit by radiation….then bam! You’ve got cancer cells. They may or may not propagate, but I’d like some more data before living/working in enough radiation to constantly charge an iPhone battery even in use.

            1. Obviously, not all EM (electromagnetic) radiation knocks DNA strands. If we don’t get light (human visible EM) every day, we mess up our diurnal rhythm and don’t activate the vitamin D in our systems. Be careful what specific part of the EM spectrum you’re considering.

              Certainly, we aren’t fully aware of the effects of all parts of the EM spectrum. Keep in mind that it’s not just the wavelength/frequency of EM that’s in question. It’s also the amount, as in amplitude and total exposure thereof. Bright light can hurt our eyes. Too long sun exposure causes sunburn. Etc.

    1. It may actually work over a range of a metre or two, but it’s not going to compare to WiFi ranges.

      Having a charger near your desk ( or built into an iMac ) and automatically recharging an iPhone anywhere on that desk or in the pocket of somebody working at that desk seems like an eminently sensible solution for many people.

      1. Only problem I see with a large range wireless charging tech would be a very good charge controller (or risk ‘exploding’ devices) since you probably wouldn’t be moving out of range whenever your device is ‘full’. I doubt many people would unplug the wireless charger often.

        1. I feel reasonably confident that Apple will have thought of that.

          Many years ago, Apple allowed it’s laptops to charge to 100% and were then left to discharge to 95% before automatically topping up the charge.

          There are significant technical challenges if you want to rapidly charge a battery, while also being able to accurately measure the true capacity of the battery and not over-charge it either.

          Apple has been aware of those issues for longer than most and has put a lot of work into resolving them. You can get an indication of how closely Apple monitors the battery if you look at the System Report ( About this Mac > More Info ) for an Apple laptop and see how much detail is revealed about the battery parameters.

  1. I don’t understand the difference between sticking a cable in your phone or attaching it like the Apple watch….what is the difference ??? Neither is more convenient than the other….game changer??? I don’t see it…

    1. You can use your phone..even have it in your shirt pocket..pick it up..talk on the phone..etc, etc…with wired charging. The current implementation of “wireless” charging requires it being physically touching a base. You pick it up..no more charge.

      The difference is pretty obvious.

  2. yup… remote charging will truly be a game changer. …
    ipads, applewatchs, iphones .. macbooks … magic pads, keyboards, mice … …..all charging remotly and wirelessly ….

  3. This is huge. Apple wouldn’t acquire Energous because they want their chargers to be in every shop, cafe, restaurant and train station in the world. The Teir 1 partner (Apple) only has exclusive use of this technology in mobile devices whereas the charger chip will eventually be in anything that uses a rechargeable battery – making it far more appealing to install anywhere.

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